Fix New-MailboxRestoreRequest Failed Issue In Exchange Versions 2016 / 13 / 10 / 07

Srishty | August 8th, 2018 | Tips

In the Previous article, we talk about, how we can Fix New-MailboxImportRequest Failed Error In Exchange Environment. This article deal with issues occur while Working with Exchange Environment, sometimes user needs to recover back soft-deleted items and restore the disconnected mailboxes again. For these kinds of scenarios, a user needs to use New MailboxRestoreRequest Powershell command. When a user disconnected the mailboxes, it stored in “Disconnected mailbox” container.

But various scenarios occur while using this command and process start but after some time the processed gets stopped itself due to unknown reason. Here we try to find some tips that can help Exchange users to fix this New-MailboxRestoreRequest failed or suspended error.

Cause Behind the Occurrence of MailboxRestoreRequest Failed

Exchange user needs to understand the error log first to fix failed issues and environmental conditions. Some Exchange user queries are given below that helps you to understand the different scenarios:

1) Hey, using Exchange 2010 Environment, need to restore some mailboxes but few mailboxes
not restored back and but try to run command Get-MailboxRestoreRequest command getting status failed issues.

2) While connecting Disconnected Exchange mailbox, get this error message”New-MailboxRestoreRequest fails “Couldn’t connect to the source mailbox”. I am providing the wrong path or this error generated due to some other reasons.

3) Sometimes, when the user uses New-MailboxRestoreRequest command to restore the mailbox in Exchange. This command fails to import some of the subfolders.

Tips to Resolve New MailboxRestoreRequest Failure

Tip 1: To find the root cause of failing New MailboxRestoreRequest command while restored the mailbox again, a user can go for command:

Get-MailboxRestoreRequestStatistics “James” -IncludeReport | fl

This Statistics Command displays the root cause of the error and Exchange user can go for the solution according to issues.

Tip 2: This Command return error when we try restored data from the recovered database to the running or working mailboxes. To avoid this issue, you can use attributes or parameter:

New-MailboxRestoreRequest < parameters you originally specified> -SkipMerging StorageProviderForSource

Tip 3: If you are getting an error related to Bad items limits which occur when restored database holds some bad-items and to avoid corruption, a user gets a message of New-MailboxRestoreRequest failed. Then you can increase the limit of “Bad items” parameter Or Sometimes, a user needs to restore only a few mailboxes folders from the disconnected mailbox

Exchange user can try Command: New-MailboxRestoreRequest -SourceDatabase rec-mw -SourceStoreMailbox “user1” -TargetMailbox user1 -ConflictResolutionOption KeepSourceItem –Includfolders “#Inbox#/*” -BadItemLimit 5000 -AcceptLargeDataLoss

Note: AcceptLargeDataLoss parameter used to increase the message size limit of large mailboxes so that it can be restored easily to destination mailboxes.

Tip 4: At last Exchange user, fo for Command “Resume-MailboxRestoreRequest “ to resume the failed or suspended process.


The New-MailboxRestoreRequest command is used to restore Exchange disconnected or soft-deleted mailbox. Sometimes, the command fails and the user is not able to restore the mailbox. The failure of the command depends on several factors. In every case, the user has to apply a different solution to resolve the issue. Therefore, in the above section, we have explained some possible cases which can cause failure of the command. In addition, we have also introduced the solutions to fix them.