Fix New-MailboxImportRequest Failed Error In Exchange 2016 / 13 / 10

Srishty | August 6th, 2018 | Tips

Introduction – New-MailboxImportRequest Failed

Moving Outlook Data stored in PST File format in Exchange Environment become easy task when correct Powershell command is used. But while using Powershell commands to import PST file to Exchange. A naive user of Exchange faces numerous issues. One of the frequently occurring error while using ‘new-mailboximportrequest failed’ message. This message prompt an issued during importing data from Outlook to Exchange Environment such as:

  • Bad Item Limit
  • Large Items Not Copied

Since it’s not necessary, every time solution of this issues created due to the same reason, different reason can be lead to the same error. Some user query is given below:

“I was having a PST file of 11GB. I wanted to import that PST to Exchange. When I ran the import without BadLimit it failed with the event 1100. Then I tried to run it with BadLimit then also it failed to import PST file to Exchange. I am not able to figure out what is the main issue. Please guide me how can I eliminate this issue and import my PST file to Exchange.”

“Recently, I used ‘New-MailboxImportRequest’ to import one PST file to Exchange Server. But only 800 MB of data was imported and the mailboxImport failed. I do not know what to do. There is any method using which I can resolve it and import PST file to Exchange without any data loss.”

How to Resume New-mailboximportrequest Failed Command Management Console

Before using this command, an Exchange Administrator need to assign “Import Export Role” to use this command. If Command is used directly to import then user received the message of New-mailboximportrequest failed.

So First, assigns the rights to himself/herself to import mailboxes:

New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User Administrator

After that Now use command “New-MailboxImportRequest” to import PST File

Command: New-MailboxImportRequest -Mailbox Peter -FilePath \exchangePSTarchiveoutlook.pst

Wait to start the process of importing, if Exchange user wants to know the status of given command then go for command:


Note: To save the result of Import Request in Text File format, Try Command

Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics PeterImport20120527 -IncludeReport | fl > c:importsreport.txt

And to save the result of the failed process in Text File format, Exchange user can go for command:

Get-MailboxImportRequest -Status Failed | Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics -IncludeReport | fl > c:importsallfailedreport.txt

Solution to Fix New-MailboxImportRequest Failed Error

After getting New-MailboxImportRequest Failed message, a user need to find the root cause of the error first, and common issues are

Large Items: Since Message Size limit is changed according to different versions and this become common reason as the size of the emails which the user wants to import is larger than the specified size on the Exchange Transport components, connectors etc. Then it results in the failure of the import process and to fix, user command:

New-MailboxImportRequest [-Mailbox Name] <LargeItemLimit 100 AcceptLargeDataLoss > -FilePath <LongPath> -LargeItemLimit

Note: The AcceptLargeDataLoss parameter used when the value of large item limit higher than 51 

Bad Items: Bad Items can be associated with the corruption in the PST file items you want to import. If the PST file you want to transfer to Exchange is corrupted. Then, the import process fails. Fix this issues by changing the parameter of bad-limit items, but to set the value of Parameter around 10 or low, but if you want to try to set the value greater then 50 then please use also another parameter know “AcceptLargeDataLoss switch”

New-MailboxImportRequest [-Mailbox Name] <MailboxOrMailUserIdParameter> -FilePath <LongPath>

New-MailboxImportRequest [-Mailbox Name] <BadItemLimit 1000 -AcceptLargeDataLoss> -FilePath <exchangePSTarchiveoutlook.pst>

How to Resolve Mailbox Import Failed Issue?

The user can adopt a smart and automated solution that is Exchange Import Tool to eliminate all the issues faced while importing PST file into Exchange Server. With this software, the user can easily move PST emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals etc. to Exchange. The software is having an easy-to-use interface which makes easy for the users to work with it. There is no data loss issue associated with the utility. Moreover, one can also transfer password protected and inaccessible PST file to Exchange Server with the help of this software.

Steps to Import PST Files to Exchange via Automated Solution


1. First, download and install SysTools Exchange Import Tool on your local machine and then click on the Add File/Folder/Network Files to import numerous PST File into Exchange on the initial screen of the tool

Download Utility: 


2. Now, insert the Admin SMTP Address, Password, Exchange Version etc. and all the other details also to start the import process.

3. After that, specify the Exchange mailbox name and then select categories such as emails, calendars, contacts, journals etc. as per your requirements.

4. Click on the Import Button and the move Outlook PST files to Exchange Server

Final Words

When a user tries to use command “new-mailbox request failed” to migrate Outlook Data File, faces issues due to Bad Items limit or large mailbox size issues and to fix it, you need to check the pre-requisites and parameter used along with the command first. To avoid New-mailbox request failed issue, Exchange User can go for SysTools Exchange Importer, an automated solution to move Outlook Data stored in PST File format to Different without any data loss and trouble-free way.