About Us

About Us

Data Recovery Institute is an Edutainment System started with the goal to give its audience a platform to learn insights of data recovery. It is an initiative to simplify complex methods, mechanisms, and the terms involved in and related to recovery of data from variety of systems like computers, mobiles, email clients, external storage device and much more. As an effort to make concepts clear to different audience type, innovative mediums like videos, diagrams, informative articles, and relevant photographs are used by the experts.

Our Vision

Data is an Asset, not just for an entrepreneur but for a student too. The data recovery techniques shared here objectives to help technical professionals as well as our non-technical audience to tackle and understand complicated problems and terminology respectively.
By introducing proficient practices and recommendations to get back data through this platform, we put forward our intellect to help organizations design, implement, and test a disaster recovery plan to protect data from impact of odd scenarios.

Online Training and Resources

We want our knowledge and experience to help people in data recovery, regardless of the fact that they are professionals in the field or have just stepped into the arena. Data recovery engineers, forensic experts, education universities, IT staff of enterprises, or an enthusiast learner, we welcome everyone to connect with us through our training seminars, online chat, and video conferences, workshops etc.
The training programs are handled by experts in the industry and you can connect with them through instant messaging clients like Skype or Google Hangouts . Our experts suggest the best practical techniques and tools to work around the problem and salvage data from any kind of loss.