How to Save Gmail Messages as PDF For Offline Reading

Shayadri Sharma | January 11th, 2021 | Tips

In 2020, Gmail was one of the top free webmail services available for mankind. However, not being able to access emails offline is still the biggest concern of many Gmail users. Therefore, in this blog, we showcase some of the methods using which any user can save Gmail messages as pdf for offline reading. Additionally will provide a lime-light on the needs & benefits of saving emails for offline reading.

Why Saving Gmail Message as PDF Is So Important?

As we all know, Gmail provides the best services and that is why users are fully dependent on it. Whether it is for personal usage or professional, most of the users prefer Google account. The Gmail account contains important data such as emails, calendars, address books, notes, etc. It makes the work quite easy as the user gets all his documents in a single email client.

Reasons & Benefits of Saving Gmail as PDF

  • Offline Access: Being a webmail service, Gmail restricts its users to access emails in the unavailability of the internet connection. By saving messages in PDF format, users can easily read emails and access attachments in offline mode. 
  • Easy to Share Messages: Sometimes users prefer to share messages in unalterable format and the best way is to save Gmail as PDF. As the messages stored in the PDF files cannot be altered without any trace. 
  • Google Account Hack: There is no doubt in the security of Google but unauthorized activity i.e., account hacking is still happening. The priority of a hacker is to delete the data and sometimes a user gets blocked & cannot login into their account.
  • The size limitation of Gmail: Once Gmail exceeds its storage limit a user is not able to send/receive a message. Therefore, if users download Gmail emails locally then, they can easily delete unnecessary emails.
  • Human error: If someone deletes the mail items by mistake then it is a laborious task to retain the data. And it can be possible within the retention period only.

If the user saves all Gmail messages offline then they can easily avoid all such issues related to the Gmail account. Apart from this, they can work offline without any network connectivity. If a user is facing any issue i.e. data loss, data corruption then he/she can easily get back the data.

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Method to Saves All Gmail Messages Offline, Manually

Note: There is no manual way to directly save multiple Gmail messages into PDF format. However, emails can be saved in other formats for offline reading.

  1. Login to Google Account with the correct username & Password
  2. Click on the profile picture and go to My Account tab >> Personal info & Privacy >> Control Your Content
  3. To store the content click on Create Archive.
  4. Here user will receive the complete list to download mails on pc
  5. First, click on Select None, then select those files of which need to be store
  6. Click on Next button >> Create Archive.
  7. Now a message will appear that is An archive of your Mail data is currently being prepared.
  8. The user will receive an email, whenever the download procedure will complete. Until the time he/she has to wait after receiving the mail, one can proceed to store Gmail inbox on desktop.
  9. Whenever the email will receive open it and click on Download Archive.
  10. Sign in again and it will download the backup file in .zip format.
  11. Extract the mail items by using an archiving utility such WinRAR or WinZIP

Alert: After extraction, you will get all Gmail messages in MBOX format. However, you cannot read the messages inside the MBOX file directly on your system. For offline reading, you need to take the help of free MBOX viewers available in the market.

Limitation of Manual Solution

  • The manual method for saving Gmail messages is quite tricky and doesn’t provide a direct solution to access mails in offline mode.
  • Most users stuck in the download procedure reason it takes much time for a large amount of data. Sometimes it takes 2 hours & sometimes 2 days and after spending a lot of time and effort there is no guarantee for the exact output & data loss may occur.
  • There are only limited attempts for downloading the archive. If archive download failed due to internet connection loss, then after a few attempts, you need to re-request for a new archive.

Directly Save Gmail Messages as PDF via Automated Tool

To avoid the limitation imposed by the manual solution, most of the experts suggest third-party tools. One of the best tool that is recommended by most experts is SysTools Gmail backup tool. This software offers a user to save the Gmail messages into different file formats i.e., PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF. By saving Gmail messages in PDF format, you can access the emails and attachments in Offline mode. Or you can save in the desired format and use free viewer available in the market for offline reading.

Benefits of Option Automated Solution

  1. Directly save your Gmail emails into PDF file for offline reading
  2. Provides an option to store emails in multiple formats
  3. Option to save selective Gmail mailbox
  4. Incremental option to save new emails in next attempt
  5. Delete after download feature that allows saving server space

Quick Steps to Save Gmail as PDF are:

  1. Get the tool from the above download button and launch it. 
  2. Login into backup utility via Gmail id and its password. 
  3. Select the category to save as “Emails” and email-format as PDF
  4. Browse the location to save emails and attachments as PDF files. 
  5. Use the Apply Filter option for saving particular folder messages.
  6. Finally, hit on the Start button to initiate the process. 

Summing Up

This entire discussion provides all the reasons, benefits, and solutions to save Gmail messages as PDF. The manual and automated solutions both are good at their place. But when it comes to mail attributes, I think no one can afford a huge data loss. Therefore, to avoid these circumstances one can opt for the aforementioned software to saves all Gmail messages offline.