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Gmail Storage Space Full: Managing Your Inbox Overflow

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Published On January 29th, 2024
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Are you tired of seeing that warning message in your Gmail account – “Gmail Storage Space Full”? It’s a common problem for many users, but don’t worry.

A lot of users prefer Gmail for their business accounts because of its user-friendly interface, which allows every individual and business owner to get their work done in their day-to-day lives.

In this article, you will explore the reasons why your Gmail storage quota has surpassed and you will receive practical solutions and steps to manage your Gmail storage effectively.

What is Gmail’s Storage Limit, and How Does it Work? 

Gmail offers a 15 GB of free storage limit that is basically shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Over time, as you send and receive emails with attachments, upload files to Google Drive, or back up photos, the Gmail space fills up easily.  

Additionally, Gmail offers limited free storage space, prompting users to seek solutions like purchasing additional storage from Google One or deleting old emails to free up space. 

These issues highlight the need for a comprehensive understanding of why to clear Gmail storage space. Furthermore, read the article to know the solutions for Gmail account storage is full message.

Understanding the Main Reasons Behind the Gmail Storage Space Full! – Identifying the Causes

Before learning the main solutions, it’s crucial to understand why does gmail take up so much storage in the first place. The main reasons storage space is full are:

Big Email Attachments: Large attachments that are attached to emails can quickly eat up your storage space if you rarely delete your unused emails.

Spam and Trash: Emails in the spam and trash folders in Gmail also count toward your storage.

Google Drive and Photos: Files and photos stored in Google Drive and Google Photos consume most of the storage space in Gmail.

Manual Solutions to Fix Gmail Storage Exceeded Problem

Now here are the manual solutions users can use to fix the Gmail storage quota problem. Therefore, read below for possible manual solutions to manage Gmail storage space:

Solution-1. Verify any forwarding in your Gmail account. Navigate to Mail Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP options. If you come across a different account here, see if it has not already reached its storage limit.

Solution-2. Check to see if email forwarding through filters is enabled under Mail Settings under Filters. If filters are configured in this manner, immediately verify the storage limit.

Solution-3. Permanently deleting messages is another way to resolve the Gmail storage space full issue. Users can delete the attachments after checking if there are no important attachments. If there are important attachments, download them and then delete them permanently.

Solution-4. Deleting the data files from Drive and Photos can also help you clear Gmail storage space, as big files in Google Drive occupy the maximum storage.

Solution-5. Configuring a desktop email client with a Gmail account can also help reduce the number of data files, which will help in solving the Gmail Full Storage Warning. However, you must have offline storage to accommodate emails easily on your PCs.

Steps to use Google’s Automated Tool to Solve Gmail Storage Exceeded Warning

The steps below will show you how to back up your Gmail account in an easy and straightforward manner by using Google Takeout.

Step 1. Enter your Gmail account and navigate to the Manage Your Google Account area.

Step 2. Then choose Download Your Data by clicking on the Data and Privacy option.

Step 3. Choose all the information you want to save on your computer by first choosing Data to Include from the Google Takeout option.

Step 4. To continue Hit the Next Step button.

Step 5. From the choices in Choose File Type, Frequency, and Destination, select the destination, file type, and frequency.

Step 6. After that, select Create Export.

Step 7. Now, hold off until the process is complete.

The Gmail storage space exceeded warning can now be resolved by deleting all email attachments and Google Drive data because you have a backup of your entire Google account.

Cons of Utilizing The Google Takeout Technique:

  • It cannot delete the data from the server; it can only save the contents to your PC.
  • The procedure cannot be carried out in the event of a power or internet loss scenario.
  • This process takes a lot of time, thus it’s not very efficient.
  • The rigidity of the file comes from the fact that it is only saved in MBOX file format.

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Resolve Gmail Storage Space Full Warning by Using Trustworthy Software

However, manual solutions are very time-consuming to complete the native process and there are many difficulties that users face while executing the manual solution to solve their query Why is my Gmail storage full?

In such situations, it is better to use Gmail Backup Software to back up and resolve Gmail storage space errors. By using the tool mentioned and following the steps below, you can comfortably back up your files to your computer. and fix the clear Gmail Storage space warning.

Step 1. Run the application on your computer, then log in with your Gmail credentials.

login Gmail account to solve Gmail storage space full problem

Step 2. Select the file format, category, and destination path to solve the Gmail storage space full warning.

Selct file format and destination path

Step 3. Select the “Delete after Download” option to instantly delete the downloaded files from Gmail.

Delete after download option

Step 4. You can download only selected files by applying the Date Filter and Email Filter.

you can download only selective files by applying filters

Step 5. Now, click on the ‘Start’ button to proceed with the process.

proceed to finish the procedure to solve gmail storage full warning

More Cool Features of the Abovementioned Software

Not just one, but there are many features of this tool, because of which the experts recommend using the best automated tool to solve the Gmail storage space full warning.

  • The Select Folders filter makes it possible to selectively back up Google Gmail data.
  • Therefore, After backing up your Gmail data, there is functionality to maintain your folder hierarchy.
  • To remove emails from the server after archiving Gmail emails, use the Delete After Download option.
  • Offers the ability to backup Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Images, and Videos.
  • Save Gmail emails to the computer with attachments in PDF format.
  • However, it has an Email filter to only download necessary Gmail messages for a predetermined amount of time.


In this article, we discussed how to remove the Gmail storage space full warning easily by using two simple solutions that are by using manual solutions, the Google Takeout method, and the professional tool.

However, the manual solution and Google Takeout Tool are difficult and time consuming, therefore, we use a tool that is also recommended by experts for quickly clearing Gmail storage space. and resist the impulse to utilize the free service while picking an appropriate tool to resolve the storage error.