Export PST File from Gmail – A Creative Way for Conversion

Jaspreet Singh Devgan | November 13th, 2020 | Gmail

Are you thinking to export PST file from Gmail? We all know that Gmail is an email client that is used by a lot of people due to its free and fast services for business use as well as personal use. It is used for sending and receiving emails that hold important and sensitive information of clients. It is also known as the best cloud computing service as it provides storage space.

Gmail holds really important emails, contacts, documents, and calendar events. Do you ever wonder what would happen if this data is accidently deleted? Or if you are not able to access these files due to corruption issues. Or if the emails are modified due to corruption. Yes it will be a disaster and may be a reason for a heavy loss in business. Don’t be worried as we have brought you a solution to get PST from Gmail.

User Query – Is it possible to create a PST file from Gmail to avoid data from getting damaged or getting lost?

The answer to this query is yes. It is possible to create a PST file from Gmail using Gmail backup software. The software will allow you to create a PST file for keeping a backup of your data to always be able to access it. In this article, we have brought a tool for you to make the exporting process easy. You can also create a PST file by learning how to Export Emails from Gmail to Outlook. To learn about the tool, read further and get a clear view on how it works.

Creative Way to Export PST File from Gmail

The method that we have here is the third-party tool which is the most secure and reliable software when it comes to converting files or taking backup. It is recommended by the experts that you use this tool for exporting your emails. This tool is the Mac Gmail Backup tool which is capable of saving Gmail emails with attachments in PST format. You can use this software to backup emails from Gmail on any Mac OS X version.

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We are also mentioning various features of the tool that give you clarity on what this tool offers.

Features of the Tool to Get PST from Gmail

  1. Backup Emails with Attachments – This tool allows you to backup emails of a single user. The process includes all the items from the account such as Inbox, Sent Items, Draft, etc. You have to first enable “Less Secure Apps” and disable “Two-Step Authentication” and then start the process.
  2. Selective or All Emails – In this feature, you can mark all the categories which you want to move. If you want to transfer all folders, mark all the checkboxes. If you require moving only one or two folders, mark the checkboxes beside the required folders.
  3. DateBased Filter – The tool offers a date-range filter which can be used in case you want to export only specific data from a certain period of time. You can export PST file from Gmail using this automated tool.
  4. Delete After Download – You have an option to delete the data after you have downloaded it in order to keep space in your mailbox. By marking the “Delete after Download” option during the process, you can make full use of this feature.
  5. Pause and Resume Option – In case you want to pause the process in between due to some reason, you can do so by choosing the “Pause” option provided. If there has been a power failure or loss of internet connectivity, this tool will pause the process and resume it from where it left so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of the whole process again.
  6. LiveProgress Report – You can check the real time report of the exported data on your screen. The progress report shows users the Source Path, Destination Path, Mail Count, Fail Count, etc in a CSV File.

Steps to Get PST from Gmail

You have to follow the steps as given below to download your PST files:

  1. Download and Run the tool. Enter your credentials for Gmail and hit the “Login” button.
  1. Choose the export type as “PST” and hit the “Browse” button to choose a destination location for the exported files.
  1. After that, hit the “Apply Filters” option to selectively export data from a certain period of time.
  1. Now, click on the “Delete after Download” option and hit “Yes” when prompted for deleting the data after exporting PST file from Gmail.
  1. After that, you have to click on the “Start” to begin the export process.

Choose the “Pause” button on the right corner of the window if you wish to pause the exportation process and resume it later. After the data is downloaded, you can see the Live progress report on your screen.

Final Verdict

As we have learned, it is clearly very important to always have a backup of the data that we store in Gmail. It is not an easy process to export PST files from Gmail as there is a lot of sensitive information which nobody wants to lose. You can use the tool mentioned above to be stress-free and have a guarantee of the data not being modified while converting. The tool supports Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, and above versions.