Zoho Export Mailbox – Complete Guide to Transfer Emails and Contacts

Anuraag | May 15th, 2020 | Tips

Looking for a solution to export Zoho emails and contacts? If yes, this blog will help guide you through the step by step Zoho export mailbox process. Here we will discuss the different methods to Zoho export emails and contacts. Read on to get the fruitful solution here.

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In the following section, we’ll cover all of these topics with a complete step-by-step method. At the end of the blog you will definitely get the right solution for your question about how Zoho export mailbox.

How to Zoho Export Emails?

Zoho allows its users to export emails from Zoho Mail Account as a backup in archive file. Steps to export Zoho emails are as follows;

Step 1. Login to Zoho Mail and go to Settings.

Step 2. Select the Import/Export option.

Zoho Export Emails

Step 3. From the Export section, choose the folder from which you want to export emails.

Export Zoho Emails

Step 4. Select the time duration according to months in the drop down box.

Migrate Zoho Emails

Step 5.  You can also select the Date range to export specific time emails.

Export Zoho Mail

Step 6. Select the “Export all emails in the folder” option to move entire folder.

Export All Emails from Zoho

Step 7. Click the Export button.

Export Emails from Zoho

Step 8. You will receive an email with a link to downloaded emails as a ZIP file.

Download Zoho Emails

Note: The email will be sent to the same account from which you export the emails.

Zoho export emails in EML file format. If you want to configure or migrate emails from Zoho to Thunderbird, you must read the next section.

Zoho Export Mailbox – Migrate Emails from Zoho to Thunderbird?

You can easily configure Zoho Mail to Thunderbird Account using these simple steps:

Step 1. Open Zoho Account and enable POP in the Zoho Mail interface.

Step 2. Open Thunderbird application in your system.

Step 3. Go to Account Setting and select Add New Account.

Step 4. Enter display name, email address and password.

Zoho to Thundderbird

Step 5. Click the Manual Config option and Provide pop.zoho.com for Incoming Server and smtp.zoho.com for Outgoing Server.

Step 6. Select “995” and “465” as port numbers and Authentication type is “Normal Password” for both servers.

Step 7. Enter your email address in the Username section.

Step 8. Click Done to save the changes.

How to Export Zoho Mail to Gmail?

Steps to perform Zoho to Gmail migration or forwarding emails from Zoho account to Gmail are as follows;

Step 1. First, login to your Zoho Account and click on the Setting icon.

Step 2. Here, select “Email Forwarding and Pop/IMAP” option.

Zoho to Gmail Migration

Step 3. In the IMAP Access Section, click “Enable” and note IMAP configuration details.

Migrate Emails from Zoho to Gmail

Step 4. Now, login to the Gmail Account and go to the “Setting” icon.

Step 5. Click on the Setting and select Account and Import >> Add another email address.

Export Zoho Emails to Gmail

Step 6. A new tab will open, here enter the Zoho account email address and “Uncheck the Treat as an alias” box, and then click on “Next Step”.

Zoho Mail to Gmail

Step 7. Provide SMTP Server as “smtp.zoho.com” and change the port value to “465”. Next enter the email address and password and click “Add Account”.

Zoho to Gmail Migration

Step 8. Open your Zoho Mail Account and click on the confirmation link.

Export Zoho emails to Google Account

Step 9. Then, click the Setting icon and select the “Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option.

Forward Zoho Emails to Gmail

Step 10. Click on the “Add Email Address”, enter Gmail email address and then click Add button.

Migrate Zoho Mail to Gmail

Step 11. A new confirmation email will now be sent to your Gmail account. Open this email and allow Zoho Mail to forward all emails to the specified address. Click Confirm Email ID.

Export emails from Zoho to Gmail

Step 12. Enter the verification code into your Zoho email account as specified in the email to allow forwarding.

How to Migrate Emails from Zoho to Other Formats and Application?

As we see that Zoho export emails in EML file format successfully. But it allows users to export emails from single folder at a time. If you want to export all emails from Zoho, you have to repeat the same steps for each folder. This can be very time consuming. To simply and quick this task Zoho export mailbox, you can use the Zoho Backup tool. The software supports to export Zoho mail to PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG file formats. It allows you to easily perform Zoho to Outlook migration, Zoho to Office 365 Migration, Zoho to G Suite Migration, Zoho to Apple Mail Migration, etc.

Here are the steps to export Zoho emails to multiple file formats and email clients:

Step 1. Launch Zoho Mail Backup tool and enter Zoho Account credentials.

Zoho Backup

Step 2. Choose export Zoho mail to PST, MSG, MBOX or EML.

Zoho Export Emails

Step 3. Browse for the location to save the resultant file.

Export Zoho Mailbox

Step 4. Select the required Zoho email folders and click Start.

Export Zoho Email Folders

Step 5. Zoho export emails process starts immediately.

Zoho Mail Migration Start

How to Zoho Export Contacts?

Zoho export mailbox including emails and contacts so that user can easily do their job effortlessly. In this section, we will learn the process to export Zoho contacts.

Step 1. Go to Zoho Contacts

Step 2. Click on three dots and select Export option.

Zoho Export Contacts

Step 3. In the Pop up window, choose the branch, category, and the format to export contacts.

Export Zoho Contacts

Step 4. Click on the Export Contacts.

Export Zoho Contacts

Final Words

Many users want to export data from Zoho Mail account for conversion, migration, or backup. Here we discussed all solutions for exporting Zoho emails and contacts. This blog outlined the step-by-step solution on how Zoho export mailbox and how to export emails from Zoho to Gmail and Thunderbird account. Zoho exports emails to the EML file format. The problem, however, is that only emails from one folder can be exported. If you want to export all emails from Zoho emails, you have to try the Zoho backup program.