How to Save Email from Gmail to Computer

Samuel Adams | September 29th, 2017 | Data Backup, How to

In one or the other way, every person needs email. Gmail has become a part of everyone’s life doesn’t matter from which field the person is. Talking about today’s era, Gmail backup has become the necessity. Steps to save email from Gmail to Computer is the most searched query on any search engine.

Let us take an example of one User Query:
Hey! I am addicted to Gmail. As all my official and personal work is carried on gmail. I urgently need a solution to export my gmail to any local drive as I am running out of space now and I have to delete my emails on regular basis. Could anyone please suggest some solution on how to backup gmail account? Thanks”

In order to resolve the above-mentioned query let’s proceed.

Manual steps on how to Save emails from Gmail to computer:

  • Open your Gmail Account
  • Click on Personal Info and Privacy
  • Click on Control your Content
    Note: If you want Gmail backup click on it.
  • Click Create Archive. To take backup of gmail
  • Select each aspect of your Google account you wish to back up. By default, everything here is selected.
    Even if you don’t want to download everything, make sure the switch to the right of “Mail” is selected before continuing.
    You’ll see a downward-facing arrow to the right of “All mail”–clicking it will allow you to choose between downloading all of your emails and selecting specific labels to download only emails with those labels attached.
  • Click Next. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make sure “.zip” is selected
  • Click the box under the “Archive size (max)” heading.
  • Click a download size. Anything larger than your selected file size will carry over into a new file.
    Note: If you want to save emails from Gmail to computer in a size format, then if you choose “4GB” but your file is 6GB, you’ll end up downloading two files: a 4GB file and a 2GB file.
  • Click the box beneath the “Delivery method” heading. You’ll see several ways of receiving your backup file here:
    Send download link via email – Receive a link for the download file in your current Gmail address. Clicking the link will prompt your file to download.
    Add to Drive- Place the download file in Google Drive. Doing so will take up Google Drive storage.
    Add to Dropbox- Place the download file in your connected Dropbox account (if you have one).
    Add to OneDrive- Place the download file in your connected OneDrive account (if you have one).
  • Click create an archive. Doing so will begin backing up your Gmail account to your selected file type.

Automated Solution on How to Save Email from Gmail to Computer

You can see the above steps are too lengthy, to avoid this kind of hurdle for Gmail backup there is one tool known as Gmail Backup Tool – It’s the best to save emails from Gmail to computer or any local drive. The tool has its most promising features and it also has one demo version to prove its capability. The tool comes with numerous functions and it also supports Windows 8 and above versions. The tool also supports Outlook 2016, 2013 and below versions.

Final Words

To sum up, in the above-mentioned post, we have discussed the steps to save Gmail to computer. We have also discussed the shortcut method to avoid the big hurdle and extended steps. This concludes that the automated solution is quite good and reliable in any context for everyone. One should at least have a look at it.