How to Repair a Corrupted BMP File – Quick Solution

Shini Mohan | February 22nd, 2021 | Data Recovery

Photos are vulnerable to corruption due to virus download, the corrupted header of images, faulty storage medium, and so on. BMP file format is one of the widely used formats to store large-size pictures. How to repair a corrupted BMP file is a constant question asked by users when they realize the sudden inaccessibility of images. In this case, the BMP file couldn’t be open in any image viewer program.

User Queries Asked by User Regarding Same Corrupted BMP File Issue

User Scenario –

“One of my friends asked me to try and restore some family photos from his laptop. There are around 250 pics in it. Images are there in the drive but unable to open on any application. Paint says images are corrupted, while other photo viewer shows they have unknown format etc. By the way, all they have .bmp extension, and they are not in read-only mode or any such thing.
This happened after some kind of up-gradation to the PC by his friend. Windows system is XP home. An only a hex editor is able to open them and that too in some sort of code. Can anyone give suggestions that how to repair a corrupted BMP file without data loss??”

Photo Recovery can help you out to repair such corrupted BMP files. Its self-explanatory GUI, detailed deleted items preview, automated recovery in few steps provide instant recovery to the user-chosen place in the storage device. Before going further here is some brief information about BMP files.

Overview of BMP files

Bitmap Image File aka BMP file is commonly used for raster graphic format for saving images. It was developed by Microsoft for the Windows platform.
Due to no compression or information loss, the BMP file allows images to be very high quality and large file size. Its outstanding feature of “device-independent” allows it to store, move and view one device to another.
Reasons for Corrupted BMP files

  • Damaged storage devices also affect the data stored in them. If the BMP files are stored in any faulty storage medium then they can corrupt due to that damaged device.
  • BMP occupies large storage space that’s why they require a sufficient amount of space and battery to process. Unavailability of any can corrupt the BMP image files.
  • If your storage unit is malware or virus-infected then directly it can corrupt the BMP files. It can distort the file information image files.
  • In case your images are saved on the SD card, and it has bad sectors on it, eventually, it will make BMP files inaccessible or corrupted.
  • Incorrect name of images name while saving the BMP file can also corrupt the BMP photos.

Detailed Guidelines to Repair a Corrupted BMP File

  1. Download hard drive recovery tool on the Windows system.

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  2. Run the solution and select the storage medium where your BMP files were saved and corrupted now. All the storage volume will be showcased on the program platform. Repair a Corrupted BMP File
  3. Choose the volume and click on Scan mode for (corrupted BMP files recovery) and also recover deleted files from NAS drive. but for formatted BMP file select the formatted scan. How to Repair a Corrupted BMP File
  4. Wait till the scanning, repairing, and recovery process gets complete. How to Repair Corrupted BMP File
  5. You can preview all the repaired and recover files from formatted hard disk in Windows on the recovery panel. Select the repaired BMP files you want to restore and click on the Save button.  How to Repai Corrupted BMP File
  6. In the navigation panel select the destination location to store the repaired BMP files. Repair Corrupted BMP File
  7. Now refer to the location which you chose to save the BMP files. And all the ready-to-use files will be saved there. How to Repair a Corrupted BMP File

This is the stepwise guidance for how to repair a corrupted BMP file. But the user should not wait for such a situation to have a repairing solution in hand because a delay can cause the overwriting of data.

Advice Note for Users

  1. Always keep the updated backup of your old and recent photos other than your main device, so you can refer to it in case of data deletion or data failure.
  2. Safely remove the external storage medium, so the current ongoing process will not interrupt and get corrupted.
  3. Regularly scan the storage means on regular time duration to keep the virus and malware infection away from the BMP pictures and other files too.

Final Verdict

Regardless of the reason for the corruption of BMP files, you can undoubtedly go for the repair of the BMP solution that works effortlessly for various storage devices. In the blog entitled how to repair a corrupted BMP file, we showcased the all details required for the recover deleted HTML files from hard drive. Apart from that backup can you from falling into such problematic scenarios along with helping hand of photo repairing solution.