How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive in Original Format

Shini Mohan | February 15th, 2021 | Data Recovery

Once in a while, every user had faced a data loss issue from a USB drive How to recover deleted files from USB drive is the most asked question by the users. Fortunately USB drive recovery utility is the prominent solution in such scenarios.

Ever wondered what happens to files deleted USB drive? Users typically think that they are permanently deleted. They are not, you can restore them.

Users have Discussed his Accidental Deletion Scenarios Right Here:

“I always had two USB drives for personal and professional usage. By mistake, I deleted official documents from the business operational drive thinking it as my personal drive. I did not pay attention while deleting files.
How to recover deleted files from USB drive any direct solution. I am not a technical person so suggest me any user-friendly solution only.”

If you are also stuck in such a scenario where your files have been deleted due to any reasons. You can directly jump to the next section to recover erased files from USB.

Disadvantage of USB drive

The user either delete the file using the delete key or with Shift delete combination. Data will be deleted from USB drive permanently. Unlike system internal hard drives, USB flash drive do not have their own recycle bin which is located in the C drive of the system. This is the biggest manufacture drawback of USB drives.

Reasons for Deletion of Files from USB Drive

Here are some of the culpable reasons that can delete the USB drives irrespective of intentional deletion are mentioned here:

Human Erroneous

This is the primary cause of USB drive file deletion. This accelerated due to sharing of the faulty drives with friends and office colleagues.
For e.g. someone tried to make space in the drive to copy images and end up deleting the important files.

Unintentional Formatting

Many users prefer to format instead of manually deleting the files from a flash drive. It is more about saving time less that is completely skip the check-out the files. But after a format of the drive users get to know they deleted files that were actually important.

USB Drive Corruption

Ejecting flash drive without selecting “Safely remove the removable device”. Interrupting the ongoing transfer process is also one of the prime reasons that adds corruption in USB drives.

Malware and Virus Infection

USB drives are a portable device that is why that data transfer is the functionality performed by it. But this also become the main reason for virus-infected USB drives. Visiting malicious sites and download viruses from unauthentic sources.

Before Going For Recovery Process

Stop using USB instantly

When you realize the deletion from the USB drive, instantly stop using the flash drive. This is necessary to do, to avoid the overwriting of data. Data would be overwritten by the new activity.

Disconnect the Drive

Properly disconnect the drive and keep it safe somewhere away from high temperature. Don’t operate it roughly which can damage the internal component of the device too.

Do Not Copy or Delete

Avoid modifying the data stored in a USB drive through any means. It will not leave you anywhere else other than overwriting data and complicate to recover deleted files from Sandisk flash drive.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive

  1. First, download and launch the USB Recovery Software. On the home page, you will see all the internal drives.

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  2. Attach the USB drive and click on Refresh View to detect the flash drive on the utility page.
  3. Select the USB drive and click on Scan mode to start the scanning to recover data from corrupted USB drive.
  4. All the recovered files will be showcased on the recovery panel.  How to recover erased files from USB
  5. Select the files and click on the Save option to start the recovery process. How to recover deleted files from usb
  6. Now you will be prompted to the navigation page, there select the destination location to save the recovered files. How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive
  7. After completion of export, a confirmation message will be shown on the screen. Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive

This is how to recover erased files from USB drive using a direct recovery solution.

This solution all-rounder tool that works for external and internal hard drive along with USB drive and SD card too. It will recover deleted audio files from pen drive and also retrieve corrupted, formatted files in single go.

Concluding Words

Deletion of files due to unwanted reasons is a common scenario faced by most USB drive users. How to recover deleted files from USB drive is the question when the user starts looking to recover corrupted PNG file from pen drive.

Having a recovery solution in hand will resolve this issue instantly. If you do not possess a backup solution then just simply go to the official page to download the recovery solution.