How to Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data – Know Flawless Solution Here

Shini Mohan | November 19th, 2020 | Data Recovery

Are you unable to view your recorded CCTV video or footage? Or have users unintentionally deleted videos from CCTV hard disk data? If ‘Yes’ then don’t worry because here in this write-up, users will get to know how to recover CCTV hard disk data in a possible manner. Before starting the article we will know what is the reason behind the CCTV hard disk data loss.

Reasons Behind Hard Disk Data Loss

Water Damage

If the user’s CCTV/DVR hard disk is damaged because of water, do not dry it out. Drying hard disk would further damage its platters, reducing chances of data recovery. Therefore, we suggested keep their hard disk wet, as it is!

Physical Damage

If users hear hitting sounds from DVR hard disk, stop using it. Any kind of sound from the storage drive indicates physical damage. This damage needs professional help to restore data from it.

CCTV/DVR Failure

If you get errors or hear any kind of clicking or grinding sound from CCTV/DVR, it’s a warning sign of drive failure. Do not try to open the DVR hard disk on your own. This may cause permanent data loss.

Fire Damage

If fire has damaged the user’s CCTV/DVR hard drive, do not try to clean or dismantle it on your own as this may lead to permanent data loss. Seek professional assistance to recover CCTV hard disk data.

Best Software to Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data

CCTV/DVR data Recovery is one of the most efficient and effective utility that is specially designed to recover deleted CCTV hard disk data, SSD, and other storage devices. If users CCTV hard disk is physically damaged, water damaged, fire damaged, or even showing some errors due to failure, this utility works in all situations provided CCTV hard disk reads on PC or laptop. This tool supports to recover files from formatted hard disk in windows

Steps to Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data

Step 1. Download and Run hard disk data recovery software and connected hard disk
recover deleted data SSD recover permanently deleted data from SSD

Step 2. Now utility provides users two data recovery options: Scan and Formatted Scan. Scan: Scan for normal or permanently deleted, and corrupted database. Formatted Scan: Formatted scan for formatted data.

Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data

Step 3. After that, the software preview the restored hard drive data and search for needed data files.

restore CCTV video Hard Disk Data

Step 4. At the end, hit on the save button and exact recovered data from deleted, corrupted, and formatted hard disk.

recover cctv photos from hard drive

Advantages Offered by Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

  1. With this application, users can recover videos, photos, personal and professional documents from hard disk drive.
  2. This software recovers deleted, corrupted, or formatted data from the hard disk at the desired location on your system with high-resolution quality.
  3. This tool can recover data from damaged hard drive.
  4. Since the tool supports various media devices such as pen drives, memory cards, digital cameras, hard drives, and external storage media for data recovery, this is considered a cost-effective recovery solution
  5. The tool provides separate option to recover data like formatted scan or normal scan
  6. Tool restores permanently deleted data from hard drive easily. It recovers deleted HTML files from hard drive.
  7. This recover and preview whole data with integrated attributes
  8. Supports recovery from all brands or sizes of hard drive in bulk
  9. It supports all versions of Windows OS

Final Verdict

As we know hard disks are a great storage device to stored data. However, sometimes users delete their files and after realizing the necessity to access deleted data, they start searching for a common query i.e., how to recover CCTV hard disk. Considering the same issue in mind, we have come up with this write-up. Here, we have introduced users with a 100% secure and reliable approach for the same. Hence, from now users can restore permanently deleted CCTV photos from hard disk rapidly without facing any issue.