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How to Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data? Know Flawless Solution Here

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Published On March 19th, 2024
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Are you unable to view your recorded CCTV video or footage? Or have users unintentionally deleted videos from CCTV hard disk data? If ‘Yes’ then don’t worry because here in this write-up, users will get to know how to recover CCTV hard disk data in a possible manner. Before starting the article, we will know what the reason is behind the CCTV hard disk data loss.

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Reasons Behind Hard Disk Data Loss

  • Physical Damage: If users hear hitting sounds from the DVR hard disk, stop using it. Any kind of sound from the storage drive indicates physical damage. This damage needs professional help to restore data from it.
  • CCTV/DVR Failure: If you get errors or hear any kind of clicking or grinding sound from CCTV/DVR, it’s a warning sign of drive failure. Do not try to open the DVR hard disk on your own. This may cause permanent data loss.
  • Fire Damage: If fire has damaged the user’s CCTV/DVR hard drive, do not try to clean or dismantle it on your own, as this may lead to permanent data loss. Seek professional assistance to recover data from CCTV hard drive.

Method 1: Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data with Backup Option

It’s easier if you back up your videos first. If CCTV camera recordings are deleted, follow these steps to restore CCTV camera recordings.

  1. Find and open your CCTV backup folder.
  2. Then search for or find the deleted files and move them back to the original drive or SD card.

Method 2: Alternative Way to Recover CCTV Footage from Hard Drive

CCTV/DVR Data Recovery is one of the most efficient and effective utilities that is specially designed to recover deleted CCTV hard disk data, SSDs, and other storage devices. with this utility to recover deleted videos from computer without losing data.

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If the CCTV hard disk is physically damaged, water damaged, fire damaged, or even showing some errors due to failure, this utility works in all situations, provided the CCTV hard disk reads on a PC or laptop. This tool supports to recover permanently deleted data from laptop hard drive.

Quick Steps to Retrieve Deleted CCTV Footage Hard Disk Data

Step 1. Download and run hard disk data recovery software and connect the hard disk.

recover CCTV footage from hard drive

Step 2. The utility now provides users with two data recovery options: scan and formatted scan. Scan: Scan for normal, permanently deleted, and corrupted databases. Formatted Scan: formatted scan for formatted data.

retrieve deleted cctv footage

Step 3. After that, the software previews the recovered data from the CCTV hard drive and searches for needed data files.

recover data from CCTV hard drive

Step 4. At the end, hit the save button and recover CCTV footage from hard drive.

 Recover CCTV Hard Disk Data

Advantages Offered by Hard Disk Data Recovery Software

  1. With this application, users can recover videos, photos, and personal and professional documents from hard disk drives.
  2. This software recovers deleted, corrupted, or formatted data from the hard disk at the desired location on your system with high-resolution quality.
  3. This tool can recover data from damaged hard drive.
  4. Since the tool supports various media devices such as pen drives, memory cards, digital cameras, hard drives, and external storage media for data recovery, this is considered a cost-effective recovery solution
  5. The tool provides separate option to recover data, like formatted scan or normal scan
  6. Tool to retrieve deleted CCTV footage from a hard drive easily.
  7. This recovers and previews whole data with integrated attributes
  8. Supports recovery from all brands or sizes of hard drive in bulk
  9. It supports all versions of Windows OS

Liability Tips: How to Avoid Losing Security Camera Video

Securing CCTV footage is easy if you have the necessary resources and protection. It’s most important to follow a few easy steps.

  1. Create a Backup: Backing up all your videos allows you to quickly recover them if something goes wrong with the original content.
  2. Check your camera regularly. Keep the camera out of reach and out of sight.
  3. Use a password: It is also important to use passwords and encryption methods to protect your images from unwanted viewing.
  4. Access protection:  Enabling two-factor authentication or restricting access by IP address with a safe list can also help protect your video streams.

These steps will help ensure that all CCTV footage collected is safe from intruders, giving you peace of mind against theft and unauthorized access.

Final Verdict

As we know, hard disks are a great storage device for stored data. However, sometimes users delete their files and after realizing the necessity to accessing deleted data, they start searching for a common query, i.e., how to recover CCTV hard disk data. Considering the same issue in mind, we have come up with this write-up. Here, we have introduced users to a 100% secure and reliable approach to the same. Hence, from now on, users can recover data from CCTV hard drive? rapidly without facing any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to recover deleted recordings from CCTV cameras?

Yes. You can recover deleted CCTV footage using data recovery software.

Q: How to recover data from a CCTV hard drive?

If you know,. There are many ways to recover data from CCTV files, but the most effective is to use data recovery software:

  1. Run the Data Recovery Wizard
  2. Select a location and click Scan.
  3. Preview recovered deleted data
  4. Now, Click the save button Save your data