How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Disk in Windows with Effortless Solution

Srishty | February 4th, 2020 | Data Recovery

What if your important files got formatted and now you want to recover your formatted files! Here is the case of a person with which you can relate-

“Due to the internal issues, my system was not functioning well. To resolve these issues, I decided to format hard disk of my computer. I saved my files in the external drive before formatting my computer, but I forgot to save some important files. After formatting my hard disk, I noticed that some files are missing. Now, my system works properly and system hanging issues is resolved, but I want to retrieve data from formatted hard disk in Windows 10. Can anyone tell me how to recover files from formatted hard disk in Windows? Thanks in advance.”

If you are suffering from the same issue and can relate to this problem… Don’t worry! Here, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide that can help to fix your problems and surely recover formatted data from hard disk.

Tip: Do not use the formatted hard disk. If you upload new files on your formatted hard disk then, the current data may overwrite the previous data. In that case, formatted data can’t be restored from the hard disk.

How to Recover files from Formatted Hard Disk in Windows Using Trustworthy Software

There are multiple data recovery software available in the market and it is quite complicated for the users to pick out the appropriate tool to retrieve formatted data.
To overcome this problem, SysTools provide the best recovery tool named as, Windows data recovery software to restored formatted data from hard disk. This utility restores items from formatted or reformatted hard drives of unbounded size. The tool automatically detects all the available drive once you install it on your system. It can recover different multimedia files like videos, digital images, audio’s, docs, etc.

Main Characteristics of Windows Data Recovery Software

Some of the beneficial features of the software which make this tool more reliable and effective than other tools.

  • Restore formatted files from NTFS, exFAT, FAT file system
  • It supports file recovery in multiple languages
  •  This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS
  •  Software is capable of retrieving formattedand unformatted data from GPT and MBR hard disk partition
  •  It also supports RAW data recovery from internal and external hard drive
  •  It perform quick data recovery from IDE, SATA and EIDE devices
  •  Recover formatted data are highlighted by red color
  • It provides two options for scanning- SCAN (for permanently deleted or corrupted files) and FORMATTED SCAN (for formatted drives)

Steps to Retrieve Data from Formatted Hard Disk

  1. Download Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Software, and install on your computer.

    recover deleted data SSD recover permanently deleted data from SSD

  2.  In the software panel, two options will appear for scanning- Scan and Formatted Scan.Scan & Formatted Scan
  3.  Click on the formatted scan option.formatted scan
  4.  After scanning, all your folders will be shown on left folder
  5.  Select folders and view all your permanently deleted files which are shown in red color.view data files
  6.  Now, you can select files which you want to recover and hit on SAVE option.formatted data

After performing above steps you can recover files from formatted hard disk in Windows. You can test the demo version of this tool, it will display all your restored files but you can’t save the files until you purchase the full version of this tool.

Summing up

Here in this write-up, we tried out to give you the best data recovery software to recover data from formatted hard disk in Windows 10. It doesn’t matter if you are using PC or laptops, this software definitely heals all your problems and recover files from formatted hard disk in Windows.