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Deleted Data Recovery Software Download to Recover Deleted & Corrupted Data from PC

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Published On April 12th, 2024
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Are you seeking simple-to-use yet effective deleted data recovery software to recover deleted & corrupted data from PC? Your search ends here. This blog is dedicated to providing you with instant and straightforward lost data recovery software that can save you the headache of recovering files due to accidental deletion, virus corruption, formatted drives, RAW partitions, or even the corruption of the MBR or GPT partition table.

That’s not all… It provides recovery for various storage devices, including all brands of hard drives, USB, SSDs, pen drives, Kindle devices, memory cards, portable devices, etc.

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Does It Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well, you can experience the deleted file recovery tool by yourself and believe what you see. This multifunctional recovery solution is equipped with so many features. We tried to gather and summarize all of them in the upcoming section.

It is advised to have in-depth knowledge of the recovery solution before purchasing it. Make yourself familiar with these points and evaluate this solution by yourself.

Recovery from Various Deletion

It offers recovery service for all of these bullet points’ scenarios, regardless of file size and format.

  • Shift deletion, hard deletion / permanent deletion
  • Accidental Deletion
  • Emptied the recycle bin
  • Virus corrupted files
  • Virus-infected files
  • Virus-deleted files

Prime Features of Best Deleted Data Recovery Software

  • Supportive File System: It allows recovery from widely used and consumed NTFS, exFAT, and FAT32 file systems for internal and external hard drives of all brands and sizes. For example Toshiba, HP hard drives, and many more…
  • Partitions Recovery: It is your comrade in every problematic scenario. Here are a few of them.
  1. If the hard drive becomes unbootable,
  2. Recover data from corrupted partition easily
  3. Data deletion after installation of Windows System
  4. Loss of data after conversion from MBR to GPT
  5. Mistakenly partition deletion
  6. The crash down
  7. RAW partition recovery
  • Filter Feature to Categorize: It provides a categorization of recovered files if the user wants to restore specific media files. This powerful deleted data recovery software provides a filter feature for various multimedia files, including photos, audio, emails, databases, documents, archives, and executable files.
  • Multimedia Files Recovery: Documents such as Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint files, HTML files, etc.
  1. Video such as AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV, MKV, MPEG, and many more.
  2. Audio files include MP3, WAV, M4A, VQF, AAC, etc.
  3. Emails file recovery for PST, EML/EMLX, and DBX from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, WML, etc.
  4. Other multimedia files for instance EDB, RTF, RAR, ZIP, etc.
  5. Executable Files with extension *.exe files.
  • Deletion Files in Red

Downloaded lost data recovery software gets normal and permanently deleted files from every folder of the selected drive. Deleted recovered files are listed alternately in red color in the recovery panel. However, the recovered deleted files are grouped into one folder and then listed in the preview pane.

  1. Recovery After Formatting Drive: Regardless of whether the format was done intentionally or accidentally on a hard disk or USB stick, it has a separate scanning and recovery feature created for formatted drives only. It will recover files from formatted Hard disk directly from the recovery window with a few clicks.
  2. Search Files from Recovered Data: You can use the smart search function of a deleted file data recovery tool to search for specific files or items within the retrieved data from damaged hard drive. Apply the date filter to refine your search by when the file was created or last modified.

Dynamic Date Filter

In addition to the filter feature, the lost data recovery software also provides advanced search capabilities. Here you can apply creation, modification, and last access dates. You can also apply a file type or folder name. After that, click the search button. It will list down the result in the panel.

  • Recovered Data Sorting Attributes

While previewing recovered items in the Programs panel, the full version of this deleted file recovery software lets you sort data by attributes.

You can easily sort your data in ascending or descending order by name, size, type, date created, and date modified.

  • Automatic Detection of Drives

The best hard disk data recovery software is smart enough to auto-detect and preview all drives on any computer with full features such as model number, disk number, total size, and available free size.

  • Retrieve MBR, MFT, or FAT Corruption

Corruption of MFT or MBR files can result in hard disk failure or complete data loss. Both of these files provide the most specific information about every file stored on the NTFS or FAT file system. In such a case, you can use a deleted file data recovery tool to retrieve data from damaged hard drive or lost data due to MFT, MBR, or FAT corruption.

Hard Disk Deleted Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Data from Computer

No matter if you use a desktop or laptop computer,. If you lost or deleted data from your computer and are seeking an assured Hard Disk Data Recovery Software that can be compatible with your system, the software can easily recover deleted & corrupted data from your PC.

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Because it supports recovering lost files from all kinds of computers, personal computers, and laptops. Just follow simple steps to install it and recover deleted HTML files from hard drive within few steps.

Quick Process to Recover Permanently Deleted Data

  • Download and install the lost data recovery software on your computer

Deleted Data Recovery Software

  • Select the hard drive partition and hit Scan/Formatted Scan.

deleted file data recovery tool

  • The deleted file recovery tool will now scan the selected partition and let it complete until 100% of the drive is scanned.

lost data recovery software

  • Now the program lists all recovered files in the preview panel.

hard disk deleted data recovery software

  • Save all recovered files from your hard drive to your chosen location.

deleted partition data recovery software free download

Concluding Words

We all experience data loss but it doesn’t have to be tragic if we don’t make a backup of your files. Deleting files is not permanent unless you use professional software solutions. Basically, what hard disk deleted data recovery software does is undo the file removal. Since there are no special skills required, anyone can operate the program. Supports data recovery up to maintaining the meta-data of files without data loss.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Can I recover a file from a damaged hard disk?

No, you can only recover data if the hard drive is detected. You can use expert software to restore your data safely.

Q: How do you recover a damaged hard drive without formatting it?

Ans: You can use Hard Drive Files to recover files from hard drives without formatting. It is a reliable software that recovers data safely. After data recovery, you can format your hard drive. The best thing about this software is that it can recover damaged, deleted, formatted and permanently deleted files.

Q: What is the maximum file size that can be recovered using this tool?

No, the program does not set limits on the size of recovered files. You can recover files up to terabytes in size using the deleted file data recovery tool.

Can I recover selected folders/files from my storage device using hard drive recovery software?

Yes, with this hard drive recovery tool, you can extract and save specific folders for data recovery. You can check/delete files when recovering files from your hard drive—what you want to move and save.

Can this tool be used to permanently recover lost data?

Yes, this deleted data recovery software allows you to recover deleted files from your hard drive and they can be stored in a different folder with regular files.