How to Retrieve Data from Damaged Hard Drive – Know Here

Shini Mohan | September 10th, 2020 | Data Recovery

In this write up we will discuss how to retrieve data from damaged hard drive. This post will tell you most effective methods to retrieve data from damaged hard drive.

Data in My hard drive get damaged somehow and now I can’t access them. How can I recover data from damaged hard drive?

Users should know that most of the storage devices, like hard disk, have limited life for storing crucial details. The lifetime of a hard disk today lasts up to 5 to 10 years depending on the quality and production. The hard drive can be failed quickly under strong temperature and humidity factors, with data loss following.

If users wonder how to retrieve data from damaged hard drive, users have landed on the correct page. This post will discuss about the possibility of damaged hard drive recovery, how to retrieve data from damaged hard disk, and few tips on failed hard drive recovery.

Is it Possible to Recovered Hard Disk Data?

If users hard drive gets damaged, data loss is the most common scenario. Can users retrieve data from damaged hard drive? Yes, users still have a possibility of the damaged hard drive recovery. First, users can attach their hard drive to another computer or laptop and see if users can browse the data. If yes, users can copy them to another healthy external hard drive. Also, users can take a few DIY measures to repair a damaged hard drive and thus recover lost data. If all fail, to retrieve bad hard disk, users should fall back on a damaged hard drive recovery program, or ask for assistance from few hard drive recovery services.

How Much Does it Price to Recover Data from Damaged External Hard Drive?

It can be expensive if users retrieve data from damaged hard drive by means of hard drive data recovery service centers, ranging from $160 to $200. However, users can still get their damaged files back at a low price. The way is to take the benefit of hard drive data recovery software. It is a safer and more tested approach to damaged hard drive recovery. Furthermore, it is averagely priced at $39, which can save users a lot of money while the desired outcomes can be reached.

Retrieve Data from Damaged Hard Drive Effortlessly With Third-Party Software

With the help of hard drive recovery tool, you can recover damaged external hard drive data. This tool has the ability to retrieve corrupted, shift deleted, damaged, normally deleted files, and folders. It recovers photos, videos, audio’s, multimedia files and folders, etc. The tool can recover files from formatted hard drive in Windows. Furthermore, hard drive recovery tool includes several features. That I have mentioned below:

Beneficial Features of Hard Drive Recovery Software

  1. Restore files from exFAT, FAT (32, 16), and NTFS formatted
  2. The software provides an advance search feature to search needed data
  3. The tool provides multiple languages to recover data from hard drive
  4. Software apply filters before retrieving lost files.
  5. The application is compatible with all windows versions like 10, 8.1, 8, and all below versions.
  6. Supports all brands of hard drives like SanDisk, Toshiba, LG, HP, and Sony, etc.
  7. Supports all file formats.PDF, PST, OST, PPT, Excel, etc.
  8. It retrieve deleted HTML Files from hard drive.
  9. Capability to recover data from empty recycle bin or Shift+delete data
  10. Provides easy to use graphical user interference that even non-technical users can use this software easily.
  11. Live recovery status can be seen using hard drive recovery tool.
  12. The application can recover deleted videos from computer
  13. Select the saving destination for the resultant data of your choice.

Retrieve Data from Damaged Hard Drive – Step By Step

Users can try this application By following these steps that I have mentioned below:

  • Download and Install the hard drive recovery tool on your system. recover deleted data SSD recover permanently deleted data from SSD
  • The tool provides you two recovery options like Scan and Formatted Scan you can select any recovery options.
  • After that search and preview restored hard drive data
  • Finally, users can Save retrieved data on your system

Notable Tips of Hard Drive Failure Recovery

The final segment is about a few tips that can assist users to retrieve data from damaged hard drive with less effort. After that, we would like to share few info with you. Which is given below:

  1. Users should manage to salvage their data from damaged external hard drive before you resolve it to prevent data loss during the hard drive repair.
  2. Once a users hard drive is damaged, users can attach it to another healthily working PC to confirm its damage or failure reason. Various reasons can bring various indications and the possibility of data recovery change.
  3. A professional damaged drive recovery program can assist you a lot in restoring data from damaged hard drive simply and promptly. But an unreliable program can make it worse, so try a trusty one.
  4. Keep a habit of taking regular backups of any important data on your hard drive so that you can make sure nothing will be lost permanently.

Final Word

We have discussed how to retrieve data from damaged hard drive by using hard drive data recovery tool users can recover data from damaged external hard drive instantly. This software is very safe and secure. It’s all features are very effective and make recovery easy.