Split PDF Into Single Pages – Split by Each Page

Anuraag | June 20th, 2020 | Tips

Do you want to cut or split PDF into single pages? You can extract each PDF document in the PDF file using Split By Each Page option of SysTools PDF Split & Merge Tool.

People usually split PDF into pages because large PDF (almost like a book) make accessibility quite difficult. You cannot share your PDF with your peers in an email. Finding specific information becomes frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. There are actually so many reasons why you would want to split PDF into multiple pages.

With the help of this new PDF splitter tool, you can extract each PDF document of a single PDF file into individual PDF files.

NOTE: Points You Should Keep in Mind While selecting a PDF Splitter

  • Talking about free online websites that splits your PDFs can be a little risky as your data becomes vulnerable.
  • You can also go for Adobe Acrobat Pro application, which in fact is the ultimate PDF management tool with various functionalities. But due to its committed annual subscription where you have to pay $14.99 every month becomes expensive and because of this, users usually look for an equally robust but affordable option.
  • There are some free Splitter tools available in the market but the problem is users have complained of issues like page breaks, distorted margins, and other formatting failures.

But This SysTools Utility Has Overcome All These Problems…

How to Split PDF Into Single Pages Using The Tool

This is a very easy-to-use utility that has been engineered with 6 Splitting options. You can split PDF pages in half, split PDF into multiple files and rename or extract a specific PDF document, and many more…

Here, you will see the steps to split PDF into single pages using Split by Each Page option.

1. Download & install the software & select Split option

2. Click on “Add Files” / “Add Folder” option to insert PDF files or folder

3. Choose the Split by Each Page option to Split PDF into pages

split PDF into single pages
4. Give or select the destination location to save output PDF files by click on Change

5. When process completion message will be displayed, click OK

What Other Split Options Are Available With This Tool

I told you there are 6 split options available in the tool. Let’s have a look into these options:

1. Split by size: As you can guess with the name itself that this option is used for dividing the PDF file according to size provided by you.

2. Split by page number: This option is used to extract specific pages in the PDF. Let’s say you want to extract page number 3 of the PDF file, so you can give this number into the textbox and create a separate PDF file having number 3 PDF page.

3. Split PDF by Page Range: You can extract a particular range of the PDF file. Let’s say you want PDF pages numbered from 3 to 7 and want to cut them out and make a separate file. So you can easily do this with the help of this option.

4. Split by Odd Pages: With this option, the tool will split all the PDF pages having an odd number.

5. Split by Even Pages: Split all the PDF pages having an even number.

6. Split by Each Page: The tool will split each page of the PDF file and make multiple files of the single PDF document or simply split PDF into single pages.

Other High-end Features:

The tool can also help you to MERGE PDF files and there are many other high-end functionalities available with this utility.

  • Like if you are having a PDF file that is password-protected. So what does this tool can do, it will ask you for the password and unlock it internally. You don’t have to unlock the PDF file separately.
  • And DON’T WORRY about the formatting issues. This tool will take care of the page breaks, margins, layout structure, font, annotations, image quality, etc.
  • The tool will preserve all the attachments of the PDF file or you can give the option to skip them in the resultant document.


Now you can see the tool gives you the freedom to do anything with your PDF while splitting it. Split by Each page Option, you can split PDF into single pages. You can download its free edition and which will let split first 5 PDF files for FREE.