Learn How to Split Large PDF Files into Multiple Parts

Nilesh Kumar | November 17th, 2017 | How to

“I have a PDF file consisting of 150 pages containing some information regarding project report. However, when I tried to open large PDF file it takes a lot of time. Therefore, I want to split large PDF files into multiple parts so that I could manage and open them easily. So, please suggest any solution for the same?.”

The major reason of concern for most of the users is the large PDF file. Due which users want to divide large PDF files into different parts. It would be difficult for the user to manage PDF file of 100 or 200 pages. There is a chance of file corruption so, the only solution is to split them into different parts. Therefore, in this article we will discuss, some solutions to split PDF file.

Need to split large PDF Files into Multiple Parts

There are various needs for the splitting of PDF files. Some of them are given below –

1- Large PDF files take more take for downloading and uploading due to which files get partially downloaded or uploaded.

2- Small PDF files can be shared easily as an email attachment without any difficulty.

3- Another advantage of splitting PDF is, viewing small files consume fewer system resources.

4- Large PDF files cause some management and file handling issues and the system starts hanging while opening large PDF files.

Manual Approach to Divide Large PDF Files

With the help of Adobe Acrobat, Pro DC application users can split large PDF files into multiple parts –

  • Firstly, open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Now, click on the File menu
  • Select Open option to choose PDF document that has to split
  • Now, navigate towards document menu & click Split Document
  • You will see split document screen, select the options and then Click OK button. The options are –

A number of pages: Select maximum number of pages per split.

File size: Divide PDF file by maximum size.

Top level bookmarks: Set up bookmarks before using the option.

Note 1) To divide PDF file into multiple parts click on ‘Apply to Multiple’

2) Click on Add Files option to select the PDF you want to split & click OK

  • Save output PDF files at any desired location & click OK

Drawbacks of Manual Solution to Divide Large PDF Files

In order to split PDF files by manual solution user should have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. If it is absent then the user won’t be able to split PDF file. The manual solution is lengthy and time-consuming. Moreover, it requires sound technical skills.

Trouble Free Method to Split Large PDF Files into Multiple Parts

To overcome the limitations of manual strategy users can opt for third-party solution i.e. PDF Splitter. This software easily split PDF files into few clicks. Moreover, it provides four options to split PDF document such as –

  • Split by pages
  • Split by even pages
  • Split by odd pages
  • Split by range

With Split By Pages Option: With this feature, users can divide large PDF document containing multiple pages into different files. All the output files are saved in the destination path with subsequently numbered. Which makes easier for the user to track the pages.

With Split By Even Pages: A separate file for all the pages in the even count is created and saved in the target location.

With Split by Odd Pages: Software split an odd number of pages of the selected PDF file. The tool does not make changes to the original file rather it creates other files.

With Split By Range: This feature allows the user to split large PDF files into multiple parts by range. In this, the user has entered the respective range and software creates PDF for each page that fall under the given range.

Working of Automated Solution

  • Firstly, install and Run the tool
  • Click on Browse to select the PDF file you want to split
  • Select any desired Splitting options
  • Then, click Process to begin the splitting of files
  • Pop up window is generated showing the completion of process
  • Click Ok


In the described article the entire procedure to split large PDF files into multiple parts is given. We have discussed both manuals as well as an automated solution. But, manual approach fails when the user doesn’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. Therefore, we come up with multi-functionality tool to split PDF files.