Know How to Enable Comments and Markup in PDF

Isha Ratra | July 6th, 2018 | Technology

Nowadays, many professionals, students or normal users receive various types of contents in PDF file format. Whether it may be in the form of reports, financial statements, contracts or even manuals files all these are circulated in PDF format. Often, sender or recipients of the document like to insert comments, sticky notes, highlights or even markup these documents so that important data can be easily highlighted or to gather users attention. But, sometimes due to security restrictions on these PDF documents users can’t insert comment in PDF or they are unable to perform operations on PDF files. Furthermore, users find that comment and markup toolbar grayed out. The main problem is that many people don’t know how to enable comments and markup in PDF. Therefore, in this blog, we have described the best to resolve this problem. But, before that let’s have a quick glance at PDF comments and markup tools.

Know More About PDF Commenting & Markups

Comments or marking up PDF files can be done in the form of highlighting, adding sticky notes, etc. These notes can appear anywhere in the document. As anyone clicks on it this, the sticky note expands and shows the full comments. Similarly, when a user clicks the highlighted text the corresponding comment regarding that text is shown to the user. Moreover, there are several drawing markup tools available i.e. polygon, rectangle, etc. Any of these can be selected by the user. But, due to the security setting many users find that the comment and markup toolbar grayed out. Due to which they can’t insert comments in PDF files. Therefore, in the next section, we have discussed what a user can do when he can’t markup PDF.

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How to Enable Comments and Markup in PDF

People add security in PDF files in order to prevent their data from any unauthorized access. But, at times it is needed to make changes in the document either to add comments or markups. Therefore, it is needed to use some professional application which can remove security without any hassle. PDF Restriction Remover Software is a simple and reliable solution to remove restrictions & enable comments and markup in PDF files. Security like the copy, print, edit, comment, sign, etc is removed by the tool. This can be done by using these simple steps:

Use these Steps When Comment and Markup Toolbar Grayed Out

A user can easily enable comments and markup in PDF document by removing security. This can be done as follows:

  • Download and run the tool
  • Click the Unlock button from the menu bar
  • Hit, the Browse button and choose PDF file
  • After that, click on Open button
  • As the file gets loaded the permissions on PDF document is displayed
  • Choose the destination location to save the PDF file
  • Then, click Unlock PDF button to begin the process
  • If the file is secured with password then, enter it otherwise continue
  • A comparison chart is displayed showing the permissions in before and after column
  • Lastly, click OK button

As the gets an unlocked file any operation can be performed on the PDF file.

How to Insert Comments & Markup in PDF Files

Annotations, comments, and markup tools do not appear automatically, a user has to follow some useful steps to enable comments and markup in PDF:

  • Firstly, open the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 
  • Then, open PDF document
  • Navigate, towards Tools option
  • Then, click Comment to open Comment toolbar
  • Add the desired comments in PDF file

To add Sticky Note

  • Select the Sticky Note tool in the comment toolbar
  • Type the text in the Sticky Note tool in the comment toolbar
  • Choose the tool to copy and paste from PDF document into the note

To Add Text Comment

  • Select the Add Text Comment tool from the Comment toolbar
  • Then, click on the page to place the cursor
  • Now, in the Add Text Comment tools, specify the font, font size, and other text attributes

Note: If the user wants to use Drawing markup tools then, it is necessary that PDF commenting should be allowed. PDF files in a review workflow include commenting rights.

To Add Drawing Markup Tools

Under the Drawing Tools menu, all the drawing markup tools are grouped together. To select the tools, follow these steps:

  • Click the Drawing Tools icon on the toolbar
  • Select Expand Drawing Tools
  • Then, insert the drawing tools to the secondary toolbar

Drawing Markup Tools Include

  • Select Tools and click Comment option
  • In the Comment toolbar, click Drawing Tools and choose the desired drawing markup tool

To create shapes there are several tools available these are: The Rectangle tool, the Oval tool, the Arrow tool, and the Line tool. The Cloud tool and Polygon tool create closed shapes with multiple segments. Open shapes with multiple segments are created by the polygon tool. The Pencil tool creates free-form drawings, and the Pencil Eraser tool removes the pencil markups.


When a user finds comment and markup toolbar grayed out then, they are unable to perform commenting or can’t markup PDF. Though there is a manual method also to enable comments and markup in PDF but, performing steps manually can be a bit risky sometimes. For this purpose, software from SysTools helps users to insert comments and markup without any data loss.