How Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free – Challenge Solved

Samuel Adams | November 2nd, 2018 | Data Recovery

Summary: Have you accidentally deleted an important file from your computer? Or, have you formatted your hard drive and want to recover the lost data? If yes, then do not worry as it is possible to recover it. In this post, we will show you how to recover permanently deleted files for free.

Accidental deletion of files can happen to anyone, even the most cautious of us. However, these shift deleted files are not actually deleted from the computer. Hence, whether it is a human or computer error, in general, the deleted data is still in the system and can be recovered.

As soon as you realized that you have deleted a crucial file from computer stop performing a write operation on the hard drive.

We’re Sure you’re Wondering WHY?

It is so because when the files are deleted, they did not really disappear. Deleted files are still on your hard drive and waiting to be covered. If the physical space on which your lost files are stored is covered, it is almost impossible to recover the data.

Due to this, it is necessary to stop writing any file on the hard disk where the lost files are. It is also advisable to shut down the computer immediately because the more the computer runs, the fewer data can be retrieved.

Ways To Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free by Using Manual Methods

Below are some basic methods users should try to recover deleted files in Windows OS.

Method 1:- Check Recycle Bin To Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free

The first place you should consider is the Recycle Bin. Basically, deleted files go to the Recycle Bin for security. Users can choose the items they want to restore and hit the ‘Restore Selected Items’ icon from the upper left corner. Or, one can hit a right-click on the item and select ‘Restore’.

                    recover recycle bin data

Note: If the deleted files are not here then, you may have emptied the recycle bin or permanently deleted the files via pressing Shift + Delete. In such a case, jump to the next solution.

Method 2:- Recover Permanently Deleted Files for free From Previous Versions of Windows

Windows probably take several snapshots of disks that users may not know. By default, the System Protection is enabled and generates recovery points (also called shadow copies) on some occasions. With the help of these shadow copies, one can recover permanently deleted files for free to previous versions. For instance, to recover the files saved on the desktop, follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate the folder where the deleted or lost files are located in the File Explorer
  • Then, hit a right-click on the folder and highlight Properties option
  • Select the Previous Versions menu and it will display all the available versions
  • previous version

Note: If no previous version is listed then, the System Protection option may have been disabled.

  • Select the version that you want to retrieve and choose Restore to undo the shift deletion and get all permanently deleted files/ folder back.

Limitations of Free Methods To Recover shift deleted files for free

  • Takes so much time to execute completely
  • High risk of permanent data loss
  • Requires technical expertise to perform
  • Lack of security and increased complexity
  • Does not ensure complete data recovery

One Last Option To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Hard Drive

If no manual method works for you to recover your files, there is no valid backup, and the lost data is very important for you then, you should consider an automatic solution. Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool is a reliable way to recover lost, corrupt, or permanently deleted data items from internal as well as external hard drive. One can recover formatted and corrupted FAT, ExFat and NTFS file system using this advanced software. It can recover images, video, audio, documents, and all other multimedia files. Also, the tool supports RAW Data Recovery from any hard drive and restore the lost data from GPT and MBR hard disk partitions. Apart from all this, users can perform quick data recovery from their IDE/ EIDE/ SATA devices. The software supports all versions of Windows OS.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files for Free – User Query

“I had stored my all crucial photos and videos on my laptop.
Yesterday I was deleting some data that not useful for me. I don’t know when I deleted my important data. Now I have no idea how can I recover my permanently deleted files for free. Please help me and suggest me a solution for recover shift deleted files for free.”

Final Thoughts

Losing crucial data files basically, images, documents, and other data on the computer is such a headache. This technical guide describes some basic solutions that can resolve a common query asked by several computer users i.e., how can I recover permanently deleted files for free. The manual solutions are free of cost but they include some serious risks due to which users may think twice before opting them. Hence, a third-party tool is also recommended here to overcome the limitations of free methods. Now, it is all up to users that which method they want to prefer.