How to Recover Corrupted PNG Files from Pen Drive – Precise Solution

Shini Mohan | September 18th, 2020 | Data Recovery

Today, I am going to write a post on how to recover corrupted PNG file from pen drive. As we have seen already in multiple forum websites that users have lost their PNG files because of corruption issues, so I have decided to write on this topic.

There are several users who are looking for solutions to fix corrupted PNG file from pen drive. Here, in this write up, users will get to know what are PNG files, what reasons PNG file corruption or damage. Also, users will definitely know how to recover corrupted PNG files from pen drive.

Well, giving users a straight forward answer I would like to suggested SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Tool to recover corrupted PNG file from pen drive. This software is the simplest and the best mode users can try for PNG file recovery solution. It is capable to recover deleted audio files from pen drive.

With the Assist of This Tool, Users will also capable to:

  • Recover corrupted, lost, inaccessible or PNG file errors
  • Apart from fixing PNG image files, users can also resolve other image formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, CR2, CRW, DNG, NEF, etc.
  • Available at an affordable price and entirely trustworthy
  • View the restored files and save them
  • 100% safe and easy to use

What are PNG Files?

PNG file is a compressed image file format. It stands for Portable Network Graphics. PNG file format usage a lossless compression algorithm that reduces image size. But the image choice never reduces even after compression is done. File extension used for PNG files is .png. PNG image file is one of the desirable file formats that is used for internet graphics.

Some Common Errors Related to PNG Files

These are few of the major errors that happen when the PNG file becomes corrupted or damaged in any scenario:

  1. Unable to read file
  2. Unsupported file system
  3. File is not recognizable
  4. No preview available
  5. File cannot be accessed

To resolve all these errors, it is very important to know how to repair PNG files from pen drive but before that, let’s have a look at the reason of corruption.

What Causes PNG Files Corruption?

There are various outcomes because of which the PNG file becomes corrupted. Here are few major reasons below:

  1. Presence of bad sector in the storage device makes PNG files corrupted or damage
  2. Storage device is infected with malware
  3. Resizing the PNG file frequently
  4. Corrupt drivers in the system
  5. Improper file move or plug out the device during the file move or power failure
  6. Removing the memory card when in use

Above scenarios means your PNG file will become corrupted.

Recover Corrupted PNG Files from Pen Drive using Automated Solution

Pen drive data recovery tool is one of the most secure ways to repair or recover all your deleted, and corrupted data back. It can recover formatted data from pen drive. The software allows to recover lost photos, videos, documents, PDFs, PPT’s, and other multimedia items from all brands USB Flash Drives. It is designed in such a way that it can retrieve data items from exFAT, FAT, NTFS formatted USB drives and displays preview of all the recovered data along integrated attributes. Follow the steps below to fix corrupted PNG files from pen drive in Windows 10 or any below version of Windows OS:

  • Download and install SysTools Pen drive recovery tool after that tool will display all the attached drives
    recover deleted data SSD   recover permanently deleted data from SSD
  • Now, attached the pen drive to computer from which users want to recover corrupted PNG files and hit the Refresh View button from the software pane how to repair corrupted png files
  • Next, you will get two different scanning options: Scan: If you want to recover deleted or corrupted data from USB Key then, choose this option how to fix corrupted png files
  • Once the scanning procedure gets completed successfully, the utility will list all the restored data items and highlight permanently deleted data in red color How to Recover Corrupted PNG Files from Pen Drive
  • Check the data items users want to restore or directly click on Save button to export entire recovered How to fix Corrupted PNG Files

Final Verdict

If you are among those people who have lost PNG images from their pen drive mistakenly or intentionally and now want to repair it then, this write up is just meant to you. Here we have discussed how to recover corrupted PNG files from pen drive rapidly along with automated solution. So, from now the recovery of lost data from USB Drive will be no more a complicated task for users.