How to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat Pro DC Instantly

Anuraag | March 9th, 2020 | Technology

Are you searching for a solution to merge several PDF documents into a single consolidate document without using Acrobat? If so, then you are in right place. As, in this blog, we have described how to combine PDF files without Acrobat?

Usually, most people use PDF as the shareable document format for various purposes such as contracts, legal statements and much more. But, one of the difficult tasks is to manage numbers of PDF files concurrently. So for managing several PDF files in a hassle-free manner, you have to add them in one place. Which will be easy to share and manage for one.

There is a number of free or paid such as Acrobat or many more solutions available to join multiple PDF files. But, most of them have a limitation on the numbers or size of PDF files is to be added for merging.

So, now the question is how to combine multiple PDFs without Acrobat?

Therefore, in this page, we are come up with the best alternative to merge PDF files. Thus, you can avoid spending unnecessary money on the software to join several PDF files.

E.g. Suppose you have to present a project in your office tomorrow. But, you have the number of PDF files stored in separate places. So to present your project in a better way, you have to add all of them in one place.

Let’s focus on various points, where a user need to merge a large number of PDF files into one file

What is the Need of How to Combine PDF Files without Acrobat

Due to various reasons user requires an alternative solution for joining several PDF files without Acrobat.

Case #1: To merge multiple PDF files with Acrobat, you have to spend unnecessary money. Therefore, it is not an affordable software for normal users due to its high cost.

Case #2: In Acrobat, if the resultant PDF file size exceeded 2 GB, then the user will be unable to combine multiple PDF files into one.

Case #3: If your PDF file is secured with a user-level password, then Acrobat asks for a permission password before adding several files.

Case #4: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC consumes more time to combine multiple PDF files.

Let’s know a solution to merge several PDFs in one place

How to Combine PDF Files Without Acrobat – Best Alternative

PDF Merger Tool is the best substitute to add several PDF files into a single document. The tool provides the option to merge PDF files in any Windows OS. The software doesn’t impose any file size limitation during the combining process. The utility provides the Add Files Or Add Folder option to merge multiple PDFs. The utility also supports to split large PDF files into different parts as per user needs.

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Highlighted Features

• No limitations on the number of file is to be merged
• Creates a separate folder to store the resultant PDF file
• Provides data security during the PDF merging process
• Maintains the originality, after completion joining process
• Compatible with all versions of Adobe PDF files

Point to Remember: If your file is restricted with password security, then you have to remove security before merging several PDF files. But now the question is how to combine multiple PDF files into one without knowing the password? In this situation, choosing the above desktop-based tool is the smart move for you. Because the tool doesn’t ask to enter a permission password during the merging process.

Steps of the Software to Combine PDF Files

To join several PDF files into a single file, you have to download and install the utility from the below button in your system.

Step 1: Click on the Merge button

Step 2: Now, select either Add File or Add Folder option

Step 3: Next, click on the Process button to combine PDF files offline

Step 4: To store the resultant PDF file, Enter the File Name

Step 5: After this step, a Process Completion message is showed

Summing Up

If you are facing problems while merging multiple PDF files with Acrobat, then you will need a solution for how to combine PDF files without Acrobat? As it has some limitations like more time consumption, file size, cost. So don’t worry! For this, considering all the things, in the above section, we have covered the best alternative solution to carry out the merging process in any Windows OS.