Microsoft Exchange Jet Error 1811 in 2013 / 2010 / 2007 Server – Solved

When administrators execute eseutil.ese utility from the command line where the machine is connected to the Exchange server, they

encounter Code error and Exchange Jet Error 1811 is one most common error faced by the user still, but due to error user not able to run other command and can’t access their mailboxes not able perform other activities. Since error display the description and a reason of its occurrence, and the id of malfunctioned system or program but it become not easy to naive user easily, For that, in below section, manually method are described properly fix the Jet Error 1811 for Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 versions.

The numeric part in name comprises of the data, which can be decrypted by the malfunctioned device or program manufacturer. It might be possible that the error statement with this code appears in the different path in the system, which means that it is going to be more complicated for pointing out the error and hence, the solution to troubleshoot it.

Conditions – Eseutil Exchange Jet Error 1811 Occur  Server

After searching on the Web get various Situation when user faced a Pop appears with message Error “Access to the source database. ‘…mdbdata\priv2.edb’ failed with jet error 1811” in Exchange 2003, 2007,2010, 2013 Server.

  • When a user tries to Defrag the mailboxes of Exchange.
  • Sometimes user gets error After Running the Extensible Storage Engine Utility (Eseutil) in Exchange 2007 Server.
  • Even after Running eseutil /d on Store.
  • While fixing Data Corruption in Exchange 2013, 2010 and 2007 version and user not able to mount the database

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Common Cause of Exchage Jet Error 1811  in Server

This error mostly arises due to the mismatch between the Exchange Log file signature and log generation number file. Sometimes due to various issues or malfunction in the system activities or programs leads to this error occurrence. Basic reasons behind this involve:

  • Improper or interrupted Un-installation or installation of an application
  • High consequences of the virus or Malware attacks
  • The sudden shutdown of the machine due to Power failure
  • Accidental Deletion of essential system files or registry

Generally, Log file in Server Known as E00.log file and if this file has not the common signature, then even the database of Exchange Server is consistent, still user not able to mount the database.

Solution to Fix Exchange 2010/ 2013 /2016 Eseutil Jet Error 1811

It is a hit and trial measure to get rid of this issue manually. Users can try all the methods one by one to resolve this Exchange server error 1811:

  • A user to need to verify that whether any Anti-Virus program is able to read Exchange Service Files. If any Exchange log files are missing or deleted then try to recover that file from the production log file for that user need to use “Exchange Information Store”.
  • If there is no file is missing then the database will otherwise user need to check whether the file stored in Folder of Anti-Virus Program File.

Solution When Log File is Deleted

  • If Exchange log file is deleted then the user to first create a backup of the database and store them into a Backup folder. If any log file creates with name “EOO.log File”, you need to also Copy this file to the backup folder. If you see E00.chk file then Copy this file.
  • Now rename the file E00*.log file to E00.log and restore the Dismounted again and replay the log files which helps Mailbox to move on the Consistent state. If still the Database not to move to Consistent state then try to run repair commands.

In Technical terms  Error code, 1811 denotes that IS is unable to locate the file. This can either be PRIV.EDB or PUB.EDB, which means that error is caused due to log file missing. To fix this, restore the previously backed up Exchange data and then, restart IS. If the problem does not get resolved then, move to the next measure.

  •  Now Look for ‘EDB*.LOG’ files in the MDBDATA directory and search for a non-broken sequential string of all the file names, numbered in hexadecimal. For example EDB0001a.LOG to EDB0003f.LOG and EDB.LOG. Check that there are no spaces present in their numbering scheme. If all of the files are presented as well as accounted then, there are chances that damaged EDB.CHK is present. Move this file to some another directory and restart IS.
  • If the log files are absent then, the recovery procedure is going to be a little bit different. For example ‘edb0003f.log’ file is missing; in this case, you have to erase all the files that are numbered lower thank the 3f. Along with this, you also have to remove ‘EDB.CHK’ file and replay the log file again

Note: If the missing file is edb00030.log then, the files to be removed are edb00031.log to edb00030f.log along with edb.log and edb.chk Rename the edb0002e to EDB.LOG. You have to delete all the files residing after the one, which is missing.

Use Best Alternative Solution

If an error arises due to some corruption issue in Exchange Priv.edb or Pub.edb then a user can Go for Exchange EDB Repair Tool provided by SysTools i.e. specially designed to resolve Exchange mailbox corruption and recover/repair the Exchange database file. It provides dual scanning mode i.e. Quick and Advance scan option which easily recovers & repair pub1.edb as well as priv1.edb file from corruption.

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After the successful recovery of Exchange database mailboxes, users can use this advanced tool to extract mailbox from offline EDB file and export directly to Live Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 2003 mailboxes, Office 365, and multiple file format in a hassle-freeway. Users can easily convert EDB to PDF, PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, HTML file.

Key Features Of  Professional Software

  1. Support EDB and STM file
  2. Preview MS Exchange mailbox items before conversion
  3. Preserve maintain folder hierarchy & keep metadata intact
  4. Export EDB to PST, EML, HTML, MBOX, PDF, MSG file format
  5. Option to decrypt email from Exchange mailboxes in batch
  6. Compatible with all Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, and Windows OS version

Bringing It All Together

This write-up provide complete solution and explanation of Exchange Jet Error 1811 in Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 application helps the naive user to understand this issue and they can fix themselves using the techniques provided here. If you are new to Microsoft Exchange environment and finding difficult to resolve the issue, then users can use the advanced software described in the above section that easily remove corruption from EDB file and expport the mailboxes directly to Live Exchange Server. Hope it will be helpful for the administrator in troubleshooting the problem.