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Isha Ratra | April 7th, 2018 | Tips

In today’s era, many firms and their clients are heading towards paperless offices. Clients access the law firm publications on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and large multiple-monitor desktop environments. It’s very convenient to say that with the proliferation of these devices, reading a different kind of legal documents occurs more frequently in the digital realm than on paper these days. But, it has been found that many lawyers and legal departments find various challenges while working with documents in PDF file format. Their core requirement or challenges include inserting bates in PDF, remove protection from PDF, ability to extract data from PDF or the merge PDF documents. So considering all such situations come up with best PDF software for lawyers. But, before knowing about the SysTools PDF Management Tool first we will discuss why lawyers user PDF files as their legal document or evidence.

Why Lawyers Use PDF As Evidence

PDF files are standardized to work in the same way across many different platforms. This means all the people involved in the case or transaction can use the same documents in the same way. These files can be formatted for long-term storage, means that lawyers don’t have to worry about future computer or software upgrades changing the look and feel of evidentiary documents. These files can be secured also in order to protect confidential information. But, it becomes very difficult when these files are not managed properly. So, to make the task easier we have discussed best PDF manager tools which help in proper file management.

Best PDF Software for Lawyers

Lawyers who receive or work with legal documents in PDF format, often need to keep up and deal with those files. There are various scenarios when lawyers search for best PDF manager tools one such case is described below:

“I received some evidence in PDF format and want to examine the data from selected pages. But, it becomes very difficult for me to perform the task because pages are not arranged in a sorted way. Can anyone suggest the simple solution which helps me to insert bates and extract data from PDF file?”

pdf software
PDF Bates Numberer

In the old days, it would take several hours to add bates numbers on PDF Files. So, today lawyers scan that paper to PDF document and use this PDF Bates Numberer tool to insert page number in PDF files. It is the best PDF software for lawyers because it provides the facility to add prefix or suffix along with bates numbering on legal documents. Basically, Bates numbering is the approach to number legal documents for proper file management. It is used in the legal, medical, and business fields to place identifying numbers and text.

PDF Unlocker

Sometimes lawyers want to perform modifications in the legal documents. But, due to restrictions applied to PDF files, they could not make any changes. In such situations, they can use this automated software. It the professional tool to remove security in batch. Use this easiest approach to remove restrictions like copy, print, edit and extract from PDF files efficiently. Moreover, the tool can remove protection from PDF documents without Adobe Acrobat installation.

Free PDF Toolbox

Lawyers can use this legal PDF toolbox freeware application to streamline their data extraction procedure and compression of files. It is one of the best PDF software for lawyers who need to pull out data or images from a PDF in order to send to an associate for review or to send to a witness. Moreover, this application also provides other functionalities like PDF compression, conversion of PDF to PDF/A and data extraction.

Free PDF Split & Merge Software

This tool is recommended as best PDF software for lawyers who receive e-filed documents. Because the e-filing system typically requires the filer to upload several documents that are part of one motion or pleading. Hence, it becomes very difficult to manage all documents together. So, users can use this best PDF manager tool to combine all PDF files together.

Note: These tools are also available with complete PDF Toolkit containing 10 useful PDF applications. With this 10 application software, lawyers can easily manage their PDF documents.

pdf toolkit


When we speak about legal documents then evidence, pleadings, forms, written submissions, letters, etc come to our mind. As we all know there is a lot of paperwork in the legal field and all these documents need to be preserved and organized properly with due care. So, for the proper management of files, we have described best PDF software for lawyers.