Top 10 Interesting Facts About PDF Files & Their Popularity

Isha Ratra | July 16th, 2018 | Tips

Adobe PDF stands for portable document format basically, it is first launched in the early 1990s by Adobe Systems of San Jose, California. It becomes one the most popular electronic file format for publishing various documents on the Web and thus becomes a common medium for the sharing of the knowledge. Many companies are using PDF files as posters, manuals, reports and other types of data for various purposes. However, comparing to other file formats these files are mainly used for sharing and distributing documents electronically. So, here in this blog, we will learn some of the most popular interesting facts about PDF files. Let’s discuss one by one.

PDF Reading is Free

There are many PDF Readers available which can be used to read PDF files for free. Adobe Reader is also free to the public, users don’t have to spend money to view these files. It ensures that anyone sending you file can be view easily.

Convert to Other File Formats

These files can be converted to other file formats i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and vice-versa. Generally, one of the important and interesting facts about PDF files is that they are created from any file type, and can also be converted into almost any other format without any hassle.

Add or Remove Security

Nowadays, many industries or organizations deal with sensitive information or intellectual copyrights that need an even higher level of protection. With PDF password protection a user can add security in PDF either in the form of password security or restrictions. It could be a copy, edit, comment, sign, print, etc. any security restrictions can be applied to PDF. But, sometimes it is needed to delete security from PDF document in order to perform operations on PDF file. Therefore, a user can remove protection either by using Adobe Acrobat Pro application or with the help of SysTools PDF Password Security Remover. With this tool there is will not be any data loss or filer formatting.

Adobe Files are shareable in the cloud

The benefit provided by some web solutions allows professionals to create, edit and protect documents as PDF file and upload them directly to the cloud. With this process, a user can access the file any time, from anywhere. The cloud has broadened the reach and usage of PDF documents.

Visual Fidelity

When a user prepares the document in Adobe PDF file format then, they can be easily confident that the visual appearance of these files including layout, fonts, colors, and pictures should be preserved. The visual fidelity is one of the main reason behind the popular distribution of PDF files in electronic form.


Annotation Tools Make Them Ideal for Collaboration

Other useful and interesting facts about PDF files is that effective collaboration of PDF files provides the immense value to the content. By using annotation tools users can markup PDF documents, add comments, sticky notes, etc. All these features organize PDF documents in an effective manner. For reviewing feedback, comments and annotations can be added to the PDF document.

Compact Storage

When the file is in HTML format it is divided into multiple files that are presented as separate pages on a website. Also, the images are separated as graphics that are to be further linked with text pages. Thus, distribution of a file in HTML format involves the collection of various files and then arrange them for sending. On the other hand, PDF files are the single document, this single file can contain images, graphics, hyperlinks, text, etc. and can be compressed easily.

Mobile Friendly

Portable documents can be easily viewed on mobile devices as Adobe Reader is available on any device. Users can easily read them anywhere because of their mobile-friendly nature.

Completely Searchable

One of the most interesting facts about PDF files is that they are searchable. Users can easily search or find data they are looking for. These PDF files can be organized with the table of contents that links all sections to the appropriate pages in the PDF document.

Cross-platform Portability

PDF files can be viewed on several computer platforms or operating systems i.e. MS Windows, Unix, Mac, and other handheld devices. Adobe Reader ensures that all PDF files can be viewed with the same visual fidelity on almost any type of OS. As the reader is free there is no obstacle to view the document.


Although many people doubt the capabilities of PDF files, the unique & interesting facts about PDF files demonstrate its versatility as the best technology in digital business for sharing the files.