Zoho Mail Not Sending / Receiving Emails – Resolve All Queries

Samuel Adams | March 27th, 2019 | Tips

My Zoho mail not receiving some emails? Zoho Mail Down!! What to do next? I am able to send emails but my Zoho Mail not receiving emails. Any remedy to resolve? Please Help!

Are you among the users who stuck up with one among the thoughts as above? If yes, all you need to do is to go through this article, search for your scenario in the upcoming segment and follow the workaround as required.

Before going to the queries, one scenario to be explained is – the situation of Zoho Mail Down or Zoho Outage. This issue is not caused due to an error, but an unexpected network hazard held that could strike any email client. So, to avoid the effects of Zoho Mail Outage on you, one could possibly take a backup of Zoho emails at your local end. This will help you work with your Zoho email at the drastic situation.

Tip: You can use Zoho Backup tool that allows you to take backup of Zoho Mail. You can backup Zoho email in PST, PDF, MBOX, EML and MSG file format. It provides support to backup emails from personal and Zoho small business email account.

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Now let’s move to some of the commonly arrived real life issues in Zoho Mail while sending and receiving emails.

Query 1#: Zoho Mail Not Sending Emails

I can access Zoho Mail, but can’t send any emails. While trying to send an email I got a message saying “problem in sending email while doing IO operation“. I cleared my browser cache and restarted the browser. Still, it is displaying the same message while trying to send.


This issue occurs when the sending queue at the server level slows down or stops due to an internal lag at the server. Thus, the message sent by the user is denied by the server and this remark is shown on the user screen. Try contacting the Zoho Mail support about the issue for an instant solution provided as soon as possible.

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Query 2#: Zoho Mail Not Receiving Some Emails

After adding MX records a few days ago Zoho mail not receiving emails

Domain name: intercula.kilev.us

I think I have configured the MX records properly because I have another old domain inmatech.com.us. It has the same setting and it works fine with Zoho. Please, suggest where it went wrong?


Emails not being received in Zoho mail could be caused due to multiple cases. Some times the Zoho Mail move the incoming mail to spam folders if it finds the mail to be bit suspicious, in other cases the MX records would be causing the issue.

Since you have mentioned that you modified the MX records, just check the DNS page again for any MX entry other from Zoho. If the address is different from Zoho, then the emails won’t be received from that domain.

Note: The mail exchanger (MX) only receives emails from domains that are in the MX records of your DNS page having variations of mx.zoho.com entered for each MX entry.

If found so, update your DNS page with the correct details of the domain name having the MX entry with Zoho. Also, read Resolve Zoho Mail Not Receiving Email Issue for deep knowledge.

Query 3#: Invalid Certificate Issue

I’ve put in emergency tickets, but I’m desperate for some answers ASAP. I was getting the invalid SSL Certificate, so was able to get a couple of mailboxes back online by changing incoming ports to 110.
BUT, my Zoho Mail is refusing to send any email. I’m getting:
Reason: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKSIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunDownCertPathBuilderException: unable to find a valid certification path to the requested target
I’ve done almost everything I could do by my knowledge. I did the troubleshooting myself and it stated that the SSL Certificate has been changed on my Zoho account. I can no longer use my Hostgator server as my SMTP. How do I resolve this Zoho mail issue?


This kind of Zoho Mail not sending emails issue generates when another hosting account is linked to Zoho Mail but is not enabled for server connections (exchange emails) and thus, the emails tried to send from those accounts are not sent and an error like above is shown. To resolve this issue, you just need to enable the POP account configured in Zoho Mail following the below step

  1. Go to Settings >> Mail >> Mail accounts
  2. Enable the email account (account of Hostgator server)

Query 4#: Zoho Mail Not Sending Through Outlook 2016

Hi, My Zoho Mail is falling short while sending out messages through Outlook 2016, I’ve checked all the settings multiple times but it’s just not sending out emails. No problem in receiving Zoho Mail. Each suggestions happily accepted & appreciated.


While the Outlook is receiving the emails correctly and only having trouble in sending emails, then the error is held in the Outgoing server configured for the Zoho Mail to Outlook. To check the settings of Zoho Mail configuration, follow the below steps

  1. In Outlook, go to Account settings >> Email >> Select correct email address >> More Settings >> Outgoing Server & Advanced Tab
  2. In Outgoing server tab, choose option of use same setting as of incoming server
  3. In Advanced tab, provide correct port number for outgoing server with SSL encryption tag
  4. Test the modified configuration.

Thereafter, the Outlook 2016 will send mails to other domains with Zoho account in sender address.

Query 5#: Not Receiving Domain Emails

I have subscribed to Zoho Mail and run a website for designing company. I have few websites www.adminsekwfontek.in, unimagsunmarket.as and unimagsunwebalots.in

These websites are hosted in Hosting Redja Linux server shared. In Contact us page if a visitor fills up the contact form and submits, he gets a message of “message sent successfully”. But the message is not received into my Zoho Mail.

Hosting service Hosting Redja client support replied that the email must be domain specific(Gmail cannot be used) and the email account must be in the same server as the website is hosted. So If I have a domain, I cannot use Zoho emails as my website visitors cannot contact me. I have tested this on Hostgator server also and the problem remains. Any help is happily appreciated.


While you have subscribed to Zoho Mail, you need to update your DNS page with the domains that are to send the emails to your email account such as www.adminsekwfontek.in, unimagsunmarket.as and unimagsunwebalots.in. Make sure when you add the MX entry it should be having the address named as Zoho and nothing else so that the emails could be received at your end.

Follow the steps to receive emails from the contact page

  1. Login to registrar web portal
  2. Go to DNS control panel >> Email settings.
  3. Choose to Add new record after deleting the wrong MX entries
  4. Provide domain name in Host field & enter the record as mx.zoho.com
  5. Provide priority to be 10 or below (as per registrar capability)

Bringing It All Together!!

Here, we have discussed about a hazard in Zoho Mail, named Zoho Outage, that strikes all the Zoho Mail users from using their emails on cloud with a perfect remedy to resolve its effects on users while it hits.

Also, some of the normal Zoho Mail issues that frequently come across with the Zoho users during sending and receiving emails. The users are provided with common workarounds to workout with their issues on Zoho Mail not sending emails or Zoho Mail not receiving some emails and get it resolved as soon as possible.

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