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How to Transfer Excel contacts to Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 Platform

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A Contact file in Outlook gives you all details related to each user. It holds different field that store user information such as username, home & business addresses details, email address, country, contact details, etc. It took effort & time to store details for each user and if the number of users is large in number. To save time and store all details of each user perfectly, a user can try to store user information in an Excel sheet format and then transfer Excel Contacts to Outlook format.

Query: How do I transfer contacts from Excel to Outlook profile. I am using the Outlook 2013 versions and Windows 8 Operating system. Try the manual methods available on the Internet, but get an error and try again the method, but this time some email address field gets empty. Want to transfer the Excel contacts into Microsoft Outlook without any data loss, Can someone suggest to me any utility or tool that can help to fix this issue.

Transfer Excel Contacts to Outlook Address Book

Sometimes it becomes an easy task to transfer Excel contacts to Outlook 2013/2010/2007 profile, but sometimes different errors such as an empty email address file, wrong file format, mapping translation error, and duplicate email address error occur.

As Manual methods do not always work as a solution for every problem, an automated solution has been the last solution to transfer contacts from Excel (.xls) to Outlook.

The significant feature of XLS to Outlook Converter

A user can download the Demo version of the XLS to Outlook Converter Tool and explore different features of the tool, that can help them to transfer the spreadsheet into Outlook contacts.

Excel Contacts Converter Software easily transfers details such as user name, Business Address, Phone Number, and Fax Number stored in .xls format to Outlook Contact format. The user-friendly interface helps users to work effectively and efficiently.

For Windows:

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For Mac:

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  • Create Distribution List: While transferring contacts from Excel to the Outlook platform, a user can create a distribution list to store the converted contacts. A Distribution list can help, Outlook users can send a message to all group members of a particular group at a single time.
  • Eliminate Empty Email Addresses: If any Email address field is left blank or empty in the Excel file, the user can choose the option to eliminate or include the email address field while moving the contact list from Excel to Outlook.
  • MAP Excel Attributes With Outlook Attributes: During the Conversion process, a user can Map the field stored in an Excel sheet with Outlook Attributes. Sometimes some alias of the field is stored in the Excel sheet. To save the value of a field properly in the Contact list, XLS to Outlook allows a user to Map the attributes.
  • Windows & Outlook Version Support: While Transferring Excel Contacts to Outlook 2016(32-bit ) and below version, the Outlook Application should be installed and configured properly. Tool support all version of ranging Windows OS, ranging from Windows 10 (32-bit) to the below versions.

Steps to Transfer Excel data to Outlook Contacts

With the help of the software, convert all excel sheet data into Outlook PST Format. The tool directly configures and saves the contacts to the Outlook account, So don’t need to perform any manual procedure. Just launch the software and follow the steps:

Step 1. First Launch the XLS to Outlook Converter and Browse the location of the Excel file stored in the configured system.

transfer excel contacts to outlook

Step 2. Browse the XLS File stored in the configured system. Select .xls format file and click on an Open option.

transfer excel contacts to outlook

Step 3. A user can preview the Excel (.xls) file contacts details before transferring Contacts to Outlook within the Software.

transfer excel contacts to outlook

Step 4. Now Map the attributes of the Excel Contacts File with the Outlook attributes of the Software. As you can see the attributes of the Excel file are on the left pane of the screen and the user can map these attributes with the Outlook Attributes within the software.

transfer excel contacts to outlook

Step 5. Transfer Excel Contacts to Outlook, as 3 options to maintain the integrity of the contact file in the Outlook profile offered by XLS to Outlook Converter.

  • Allow Duplicate contacts based on the Email address
  • Allow Empty Email addresses to be transferred
  • Create a Distribution List

transfer excel contacts to outlook
Step 6. Finally, Transfer contacts from Excel to Outlook using the Convert Option.

transfer excel contacts to outlook


To save time and effort, an Outlook user can save the contacts in Excel sheet format and transfer Excel contacts to Outlook easily using the automated solution. Creating a contact file for thousands of users can be a tedious and time-consuming task and if each field stores a large number of data such as name, Job, Address, Fax, Mobile, and much more.

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