Export Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts to Apple Mail Address Book

Shayadri Sharma | December 27th, 2017 | Tips

Do you want to move contacts from Thunderbird to Apple mail? Then, you are landed at the correct place as we have come up with a feasible solution to import Thunderbird contacts to Mac mail address book.

Contacts always play a vital role when it comes to be in contact with another person. In the modern arena, with the internet usage, various people want to be connected with each other, whether at professional or personal level. Now, talking about a corporate world, professionals use an email client to interact with others with the similar corporation or with their customers. Therefore, they require all contacts properly to maintain the continuity of workflow. In the following section, we are going to explain many different ways to export Mozilla Thunderbird contacts to Apple address book. Before that, it is important to know the reasons for such migration of contacts.

Reasons to Move Thunderbird Contacts to Mac Mail

We all know Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based client and also increasing its popularity among users. In fact, various organizations utilize it as an open-source platform for businesses or many other purposes. However, still, there are so many users who want to export their contacts to Apple mail. It is a cloud-based application that’s why everyone wants to switch from Thunderbird to Mac mail. Moreover, Thunderbird data stored locally on a users computer, instead of on the server. However, if users want the compatible application with a corporate working environment, Mac apple mail may be the best choice rather than Mozilla Thunderbird. Therefore, this becomes a major reason behind exporting Thunderbird address book to mac mail. You need to go through the next section, in order to accomplish this task.

Steps to Migrate Thunderbird Contacts to Apple Mail Address Book

There is no direct method that can easily transfer Thunderbird address book to Apple mail. Therefore, first users have to convert address book from Thunderbird and then, import contacts to Mac address book. The entire process to import Thunderbird contacts to mac mail is categorized into two steps:

Export Address Book from Thunderbird

1. First of all, Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

This process is similar on either Mac or Windows platform

2. Choose the Address Book icon

3. Select the specific Address Book you want to export Thunderbird Contacts to Apple Mail , and then choose Tools option and press Export button

4. Now, provide the descriptive name for an exported Address Book file (for example: Address Book), then choose the destination path where you wish to save this particular file

5. Under the Format, select Comma Separated from the drop-down menu and then, create a CSV file, afterward, click on Save to complete the process

Note: When converting CSV files, make sure that there is no contact list between quotation marks, as MS Outlook can skip all contacts between misplaced quotation marks. If you encounter this problem, the method is to open CSV file in a Notepad, and then now, delete all quotation marks (“).

Import Contacts into Mac Address Book

1. To begin importing Thunderbird address book to Apple mail Open the Mac Address Book and go to File menu and choose New Group

2. Now, give a unique name to the new Address Book Group

3. Choose the Address Book group you need to import all contacts into, and click on File, then, select Import option

4. Find CSV file that contains any contacts you would like to import, then double-click on the file name

5. After this, select “Do not import” name beside the fields that you wish to import, mapping it with the corresponding Mac Address Book field name from a drop-down list. Keep setting at “Do not import” for the fields that you cannot include

6. If the imported .csv file does not contain the column header, and uncheck the box “Ignore first card” and press OK button

7. Select contacts from an existing list, replace existing contacts, add existing contacts or update existing contacts for addresses that are already available. Next, click on Import Option to Migrate Thunderbird contacts to mac mail

8. Finally, your contacts are present as a group in Mac Address Book. As a result, you can either add a new contact to the group manually or you can import additional CSV files:

A Flawless Way to Export Thunderbird Contacts to Apple Mail Address Book

As the above-described manual approach to migrate Thunderbird Address Book to Mac Mail Address Book is too complicated and lengthy to execute so, users can opt for a commercial solution named as SysTools MAB Converter. It is programmed in such a way that can easily migrate multiple .mab files to the different file format. It is very simple and efficient conversion process that can transfer Thunderbird address book without any file size limitation. Moreover, it has an interactive user interface that even novice users can easily perform Thunderbird address book conversion without any difficulty.

Final Words

Migration from one application to another is very common nowadays and when it comes to export Thunderbird contacts to Apple Mail address book, users have encountered some challenges. Such issues may arise because lack of knowledge to perform data migration Therefore, we have covered both automated and manual workarounds to import Thunderbird contacts to mac mail in an effective way. Else, users can opt for a reliable third party tool i.e., MAB Converter which allows converting all Thunderbird contacts various file format in a simple and easy way.