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How to Convert Tiff to Webp File? Effective Steps

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Summary: This article talks about the solution to convert Tiff to Webp file format without compromising the image quality. Here we have explained the professional solution to execute this operation to change Tiff files to Webp.

Brief Explanation for File Formats Tiff and Webp

Webp is an image file format which Google launched in order to enhance the loading speed and time. This file format provides lossy and lossless compression for the pictures which are available on the internet. The reason behind launching this format is to speed up the loading time of the web pages. Many users, majorly the developers use this format to create smaller and richer images which helps them to make their websites work faster than before.  

Several developers use Webp file format to ensure that they don’t lose the image quality due to compression. Currently, most web browsers use this format like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc.

On the other hand, when we talk about the Tiff file format. It comes under the image file format category of Gif, JPEG, RAW, and PNG. It is a graphic container that stores high-quality raster images and is mostly used for high-level photography. This Tiff (Tagged Image File Format) contains information about the image and its colours. Generally, Tiff is used by photographers, graphic designers, the publishing industry etc.

In this article, we will be explaining the solution to change Tiff to Webp. Now let’s understand the reasons behind this conversion.

Is any Conventional Technique Available to Convert Tiff to Webp File format?

We have seen that many users who want to change their Tiff files to Webp for several reasons like Tiff is not compatible with several web browsers and requires more space to store which makes the web page load less fast. Due to these reasons, many users try to find a way to convert Tiff to webp. Unfortunately, we have to say that there is no manual solution available on the internet market and hence we strongly recommend users to the automated tools that can easily change the Tiff file format to Webp file format.  

Finest Way to Convert Tiff to Webp Using the Experts Recommended Tool

As we know that there exists no conventional solution that can help users to change the Tiff files to Webp format. So, at this stage user is left with a single option to change the file format Tiff to Webp using the Advanced Image Converter Tool. Which is a most trusted and reliable multi-format converter. 

It offers various file formats to convert an image file and can also convert bulk Tiff files to Webp format easily. Furthermore, it maintains the quality of the image. Apart from these, there are some more features.

Some of the Pro-Active Key features of This Utility

  • This tool is capable enough to convert multiple images in bulk and also maintains the image quality.
  • It offers to convert image files into multiple file formats like WEBP, JPEG, JPE, GIF, Tiff, EMF, and WMF, also it can convert PNG to Html.
  • Offers the feature to Move Up and Move Down for arranging the images as the user wants.
  • Moreover, this tool provides the option to create and download all the images in a Single DOC, DOCX file.
  • It manages the Page Size, Margin and Orientation.  

 Steps to Utilize the Software to Change Tiff to Webp

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Here are the steps to perform the image conversion process. Follow the steps carefully. 

  • Initially, the user needs to download and run the converter tool.

Convert Tiff to Webp

  • Now hit on the button – Add File(s)/Add Folder(s), to upload the file(s) or a folder(s) on tool.

Convert Tiff to Webp

  • Then, press the Change button to set the destination path for saving the converted file which in this case is the Webp format.

set destination

Note – By default, the tool downloads the resultant files on the Desktop.

  •  To print the images, click the Print option and select the “Next” button.

Convert Tiff to Webp

  • After setting the destination path, choose the settings tab and select the Webp format to Convert Tiff to Webp in the Export format section.

export format

  •   The next step is to set the image quality by changing the pixel size.       set image quality
  •   Finally, to initiate the conversion process hit on the Convert button.

Convert Tiff to Webp

Why Does A User need to Convert Tiff to Webp?

Here are some of the reasons why a user would require to change Tiff to Webp format

  • Webp requires fewer bytes to store the image as compared with Tiff for better loading speed.
  • The Webp file format basically focuses on creating smaller, better-looking images that can help make the web faster.
  • Webp is supported by multiple browsers.
  1. Google Chrome (desktop) 17+, 23+, desktop and Android 32+, Android version 25+
  2. Microsoft Edge 18+
  3. Opera 11.10+
  4. Native web browser, Android 4.0+ (ICS)
  5. WebP lossy, lossless & alpha support
  6. Firefox 65+
  7. Opera 12.10+
  8. WebP Animation support
  9. Opera 19+

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So, in this write-up, we have discussed the solution for how to convert Tiff to Webp. Here we have explained an automated technique to execute this process to change Tiff file to Webp format. Because as we know that there are no manual methods available. So, we suggest users to use a professional tool. Also, we have mentioned the guided steps for it perform the image conversion task.