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Migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook | A Hassle-Free 2021 Guide

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 Lotus Notes has seen a decline in its usage and popularity in recent times. Especially after the emergence of Office 365, Outlook has gained a larger fan base among personal and business users. As a result, many IBM Notes users are seen migrating into Microsoft Outlook. These migratory users want to know how to migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.

So, this post will work as a guideline for the people who want to migrate the folders to Microsoft Outlook. Here we will be sharing causes and techniques of transferring IBM emails into PST files. Let’s get started with the causes of this migration process. Along with this, we have also discussed a third-party solution to i.e, NSF to PST Converter that will help you to import Lotus Notes emails to Outlook.

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Causes of IBM Notes Files to Outlook Conversion

As we have already mentioned, Outlook offers a variety of features that are absent in IBM Notes. Many Notes users migrate to Outlook to get these features. These people surely want to export their emails from IBM Notes to Outlook account. File sharing in Outlook is also easy and secured compared to Notes. Many Notes users want to save their emails in Outlook for sharing a purpose. Moreover, people who use both emails want to migrate Notes emails to Microsoft Outlook. For all these reasons, the necessity of Lotus Notes all emails to PST conversion appears. We will go to the segment where we will learn the methods of transferring NSF data into Outlook.

Techniques to Migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

There are different ways of converting Lotus Notes emails to Microsoft Outlook. Users can either apply the manual method or they can try the reliable solution to migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook. We will provide an elaborate description of both methods.

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Technique 1: Manual Technique to Export Lotus Notes Emails

To save Lotus emails in Outlook manually, users have to export the Notes folder first and then import it into Outlook. Here is the step-by-step procedure of the method.

Export Lotus Notes Email Folder

  1. Launch IBM Notes on your system
  2. Click on the Mail tab
  3. Now click on File from the menu bar
  4. Click Export and Export Wizard will appear
  5. From the wizard, choose an option between “Tabular Text” and “Structured Text”. Both formats are supported by Microsoft Outlook
  6. Click Continue
  7. Now click Export to start exporting the Lotus Notes email folder.

Import Lotus Notes File to Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. Go to File>> Import and Export
  2. Import and Export wizard will open on your screen
  3. Select Import from another program or file option in the wizard and click Next
  4. Now, choose between the “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” or the “Tab Separated Values (Windows)” option. Click on Next
  5. Browse to select the file you want to import and continue with the process
  6. Click Finish to migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook.

Limitations to Migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook Manually

Just like any other manual method, this one has some limitations of its own. These are:

  • Lengthy & Time-Taking: The manual method to export notes to Outlook consists of many steps. It takes a lot of time to execute all the steps.
  • Chance of Data Loss: This method contains the risk of data loss. It is possible that some errors might occur during the migration process that results in data loss.
  • Technically Complex: Manual method of exporting Notes email to Outlook is a complex one. Users need to have the technical knowledge to perform this method.

Technique 2: Reliable Technique to Import NSF files to Outlook

Since there are some limitations of applying the manual method, most of the users choose the reliable technique. Third-party tools like SysTools Export Notes can migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook without any trouble. This application can be operated by all types of users.

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This software supports the selective conversion of Lotus Notes emails in a bulk. One exciting feature of this program is that it locates the relevant files automatically from the storage. This utility also migrates all types of attachments along with IBM Notes emails. Let’s see the working steps of the tool

1. First Download the tool and run it on your system

2. Add the NSF file into the software by selecting teh Select NSF File(s) and then click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder

3. Now, select the categories like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc

4. Choose the Destination location and click on the Export button to migrate Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook

Note: To the detailed guide on working of the tool then CLICK HERE

Prominent Features of the Tool

The list of main features of this software is given here:

  • Migrates Lotus Notes email folder to Microsoft Outlook
  • Allows to scan IBM Notes emails before processing
  • Option to preview in more than 7 viewing modes
  • Also exports email attachments of Notes emails
  • Retains the folder hierarchy after file conversion
  • Ability to converts any size of IBM Lotus Notes folder
  • Supports all versions of Windows Operating System


In this discussion, we have focused on how to export the Lotus Notes folder to Outlook. Readers will be able to perform the technique of their choice after reading this write-up. The post clearly shows that using the third-party tool is a better option than the manual method. Users can try the mentioned tool without any worry of facing the limitations of manual technique. It will successfully transfer the Lotus Notes email folder into Outlook PST.