Merge Contacts in iCloud: Get a Feasible Solution

Srishty | August 22nd, 2018 | Technology, Tips

Do you want to merge contacts in iCloud? Have you ever faced a problem during combining all contacts to iCloud? If yes, then do not get panic, because we are here to explain how you can merge crucial contacts into iCloud. Here, in this blog, we have come up with a trustworthy approach that helps to manage all contacts.

Contacts always play a significant role when it comes to communicating with others. In this technological era, with the rise of internet usage, most of the people need to be in connection with others, whether at a professional and personal level. These days, professionals use email applications to interact with others in the same corporation or with their clients. Therefore, they need all contacts to maintain their workflow and combine them in iCloud to manage properly. In the following write-up, we are going to discuss the most promising solution to merge contacts in iCloud effortlessly. Let us look at the user’s query to understand the need to merge all VCF contacts to iCloud:

“I often save all my professional or personal contacts in .csv file format and I have recently purchased MacBook. At present, I want to combine all my .csv contacts into iCloud so that I can easily access them from anywhere. But, I do not have suitable skills to do this task. So, kindly suggest me that how to merge CSV contacts to iCloud in a quick and reliable way. Your help or suggestion would be appreciated!!”

A Trouble-free Solution to Merge Contacts in iCloud

To combine all contacts in iCloud, there is no direct solution available. Therefore, it is always recommended to opt for a professional solution, i.e., VCF Viewer Tool. This application is designed to merge VCF contacts selectively or in bulk at the same time and view VCF file in iCloud. One can easily use this tool as it provides a simple, interactive, as well as user-friendly interface that even a novice user can also use it. This application is secure to utilize and does not require any technical knowledge to combine all VCF contacts. Further, it converts .vcf files to multiple file formats such as PST and CSV. Other special benefits of this software are discussed below:

Various Advantages of VCF File Reader Tool

  • Merge Contacts in iCloud by combining all vCard into one
  • Allows the user to display VCF contacts along with their images
  • Supports single contact VCF as well as multiple contact VCF files
  • Option to sort all the VCF file contacts based on their necessity
  • Ability to merge one single or multiple vCard files in bulk at a time
  • The tool is operable on all versions of vCard files of multiple platforms
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and its all below versions

Working Steps to Combine Multiple Contact VCF Files

1. Download and Install VCF File Viewer Software on your computer
2. Then, choose Add File or Folder Mode to import multiple VCF files into the software to start viewing contacts saved in the .vcf file
3. After that, you can browse single or multiple .vcf File at a time
4. At last, you can successfully open vCard contact file, including all details like group contacts, images etc.

Time to Conclude

As we all know that contacts play a crucial role for continuity of business. Moreover, there can be any possible situation due to which users want to merge contacts in iCloud. Therefore, to make it more convenient for end users, we have suggested a professional way, i.e., VCF File Reader Tool. It is the best solution, which helps to combine all VCF contacts at a time without any hassle. Also, we have discussed the step-by-step procedure of the tool in an absolute way. If still, there is any problem in merging contacts, then feel free to drop a comment below.