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How To Import VCF Contacts To Outlook Express Perfectly

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User Query

“We have a consumer with a corrupt OE address book and purchased a tool to repair the address book. So far as good. Now we have 13000 VCF files. Is there any method to quickly and easily import VCF Contacts to Outlook Express instead of selecting a single file at a time ?”

VCF File

In the business arena, it is essential to always be able to keep in contact with your customers, colleagues, and associates at all times. The VCF is a descriptor for the Virtual Contact File. These files commonly referred to as vCards, which is the standard file format used to store the contact information data for individuals and businesses. These files commonly include the email address, contact name, phone number, address, and other information for the person who created the file. It also allows for the support of images and also other media items. This article discusses in detail how to Import VCF Contacts to Outlook Express efficiently. VCF files are also used to move contact information between address books. The file can be used on Windows and Mac operating systems and used in iPhones to load contacts directly into the user’s mobile.

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The vCard file consists of text lines containing the data field with attribute items and the value. Most of the files contain only one contact and is stored as VCF file format. Many numbers of applications support the ability to read and write the VCF files with more than one contact. Depending on the software this read and write feature becomes limited. Consider an example as Outlook, It will read and write only one contact from the VCF file but it does not check the number of available contacts. But in the case of Lotus Notes, It will read multiple contacts from a single vCard file but here, in this case, the length of the data is limited.

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Manual Method To Import VCF Contacts To Outlook Express:

Every user has an option to open multiple instances of a single WAB file, and this ability can be helpful for the users having a Windows user profile only. There are no shared contacts amongst the profile because each profile has its own WAB file.

Copy Contacts From VCF To Outlook Express

To move the address book follow the steps given below:
1: Close Outlook Express and Address book
2: Copy the current WAB to its new location
3: Open Regedit
4: At start run type in>regedit press enter
5: Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER-→Software-→Microsoft-→WAB-→WAB4-→Wab File Name
6: Right-click on the default value in the right-hand pane
7: Click Modify and type path to the new location and file name as .WAB

How To Move The Store Folder To Import VCF Contacts To Outlook Express?

1: Create a new folder in Windows Explorer, where you want Outlook Express to store the files
2: Open Outlook Express and click Tools-→Options-→Maintenance-→Store folder
3: Click Change and browse to the new folder then click OK
4: Close the dialogue box and close Outlook Express. When you reopen the Outlook Express then it will automatically move the store to the new location

Automated Method To Import VCF Contacts To Outlook Express:

To import the vCard files, there is no direct manual method. So, users can overcome this issue by using a third-party tool such as SysTools vCard Importer. By using this software one can import contacts from VCF to Outlook Express perfectly. To know more about this third-party tool read the following mentioned features:

  • Import all contacts from VCF to Outlook Express and Outlook PST
  • There are multiple import options such as to save in new PST, New Outlook Profile
  • No size limitation imposed in case of VCF files
  • Compatible with different versions of vCard such as 2.1, 3.0, 4.0
  • Import vCard contacts containing multiple phone numbers and email ids.

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Import VCF contacts to Outlook Express is not a tedious process. There are some manual as well as automated solutions available to perform this task. But the manual methods have some limitations such as it does not provide the correct answer always and also it is time- consuming. So to avoid these issues one can use the SysTools vCard Importer software to import vCard files perfectly.