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A Quick Method to Batch Import VCF to Gmail

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Many users want to know the method for batch import VCF to Gmail. However, finding a relevant solution is as tough as performing the method. Therefore, to take them out of this problematic situation, we have brought forth a method to accomplish this task of moving Various vCard Files to Gmail. However, before that, it is crucial to know the main purpose of vCard file.

What is vCard File format?

In general, the vCard is commonly known as the standard file format, which is used for storage of contacts & information within a particular organization. This information includes occupation, contact number, name, address, email address, and some more specific details. Moreover, vCard contains images, custom fields along with other media too. However, sometimes users wish to move vCard files into Gmail. As we know, Gmail is one the famous email client and importing contacts on Gmail makes it easy to contact the person with no difficulty. Let us consider this query taken from the forum site to understand the need to export vCard to Gmail account:

My senior has given me 10 vCard files and ordered me to move them to Gmail account in one day time. I searched for some methods, but all of them are capable to migrate only single VCF file. Therefore, I am looking for a way to add various VCF files to Gmail.

Suggestion for Outlook Users:

In some situations, users need to add the files to Outlook email client. Therefore, in such scenarios, they can use SysTools vCard Importer tool and execute this task quickly and safely.

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Steps to Batch Import VCF to Gmail

At the time, you decide to move your contacts from VCF to Gmail account; the first issue that arises in front of you is the method to move more than two VCF files. This means you have to move the VCF files one after the other instead of batch conversion. Now, it can be a little annoying situation for you as vCard consists of various important details such as phone numbers, URLs, photographs, etc. Therefore, instead of wasting the time you can opt for an easy manner i.e. you can merge all your vCard files into one. You must be thinking that how to do this? Well, in order to attain this process, you need to run a command prompt in Windows and after that import the file into Gmail. Follow these steps to perform it manually:

  • Firstly, open the command prompt by clicking on Windows Key+R
  • Now, type in cmd and press OK button
  • After this, type cd C:\MyContacts and click on Enter. This command ensures that are you pointing to the root of C:\Drive
  • Once it is done, type copy /B *.vcf all_in_one.vcf & then hit on Enter button
  • As soon as you do this, the process of merging will start in single file as all_in_one.vcf including the entire information.
  • After its completion, you will receive one VCF file
  • Select the command by typing exit and clicking on entering. You may even hit Red X, which is available at the top
  • Next, open MyContacts data file C:\ & verify that it has generated your file. The file will be the biggest there
  • Let us now move to the method to batch import VCF to Gmail account. Click on drop-down arrow on Gmail and choose Contacts
  • In Contacts, choose the tab of More and then hit on Import
  • After you click on Import, the Import Wizard will get open. Click on Choose File then, go to your C: \drive where you have the MyContacts folder. Select all_in_one.vcf
  • Finally, all your contacts will be imported to the Gmail account.

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Gmail is a platform that requires no introduction. Moreover, there are users who want to move vCard files to Gmail. Therefore, in the above blog, we have discussed a manual way to batch import VCF to Gmail. It is suggested to run the commands cautiously.