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How to Convert Multiple VCF to CSV in Just a Few Moment?

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Overview:  Do you have no idea how to convert multiple VCF to CSV?  If So, then you are on the correct web page. Here in this article will give you a step-by-step guide to export contacts from VCF to CSV format using reliable software. So stay tuned to know more about us.

A VCF file is a plain text file that contains all the details such as contact name, email address, address, phone number, photo, and more. It is a standard format for storing the contact details of individuals and companies in digital file format.

On other hand, CSV is an Excel table file that stores all data in the form of numbers and text. CSV is mainly used to store many years of data, such as financial and employee records. Before we get into the method to convert VCF contact files to CSV, let’s look at some queries from users. 

“Just a few days ago, I exported my Outlook Contacts file in VCF format. Now, I want to convert these contacts to CSV file format to import into Thunderbird. For this I checked the manual mode but couldn’t find it. Can anyone suggest a reliable solution to convert multiple VCF to CSV format?”

Reasons to Convert VCF Contacts to CSV File Format

There are several reasons behind converting VCF / vCard contacts to CSV format:

  • The CSV file is a plain text file, which is easy for website developers to understand.
  • Organize large amounts of data seamlessly.
  • It is safe & clearly distinguishes between value and text.
  • It can be opened or edited with text editors such as Notepad

Convert Multiple VCF to CSV | Using Windows Explorer

  • You can open it by opening Windows Explorer or by using Windows Key + E
  • Go to the user directory followed by /ContactC:\Users\UserName\Contacts
  • Select Import from the Top
  • Select the vCard from the import list and click Import
  • Browse to the location of the address book you exported and click Open
  • Contact file opens; click OK on each contact in the address book to import them.
  • After importing all contacts, click Close
  • Click any of the contacts you imported and press CTRL + A to select all of them
  • Click Export in the top menu
  • Select CSV and click Export
  • Click Browse… give your file a name and click save followed by Next
  • Now select the fields you want to import and click Done.

Hopefully, all your contacts residing in the VCF file have been successfully converted to CSV file format.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • This is a very tedious and time-consuming process.
  • There is a possibility of data loss during the conversion task
  • Data integrity can be compromised

Important Note: Therefore, if you want to overcome the limitations mentioned above, here we present the best alternative solutions to help you.

Automatic Solution to Convert Multiple VCF to CSV Format  

SysTools VCF to CSV Converter Tool is one of the most reliable and secure solutions to export VCF contacts in CSV file format. The tool is easily accessible and the entire process is completed in seconds. No separate installation is required. During the process, your data is safe and not damaged. It provides a wide range of features and benefits for the users to easily understand the process without the assistance of a technician. The information is secure and intact throughout the process.

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This is a proven solution for converting VCF contact items to CSV file format. With a few simple clicks, all contact will be exported to CSV format from VCF file format. The software supports bulk conversion, which will save users time and effort. Apart from that, the program is completely safe to use. Users can preview the VCF file before transferring it to the CSV file format. With no restrictions on file size and number, vCard contacts are directly exported to CSV format.

Steps to Convert Multiple VCF to CSV Format in Few Minutes

  • First, you need to Install & Run the Software on your Windows Machine.
  • Then Choose the dual-mode option: Add File and Folder.

Add file or Folder

  • Preview details for all vCard contacts with attachments.

preview all vcf file

  • Click the Export button and select a CSV format from the list of options.

export vcf to csv format


After reading the complete article, we assume that you are now in the best situation to convert multiple VCF to CSV on Windows. Here we provide several ways, namely the manual method. However, this only works if you have a limited number of emails because this method is tedious and time-consuming. To avoid the limitations, we have provided a professional solution for exporting VCF contact files to CSV format. Use tools for bulk conversion of VCF or vCard contact data file conversions. While software gives you rich and exotic features to work with.