Thinking How to Import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp? Read This

Samuel Adams | May 27th, 2020 | How to, Technology, Tips

In this blog, we will explore the method to import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp. Here we are going to elaborate some easy methods that can help during this conversion process as the process of adding Excel Contacts to WhatsApp on PC is not an easy task for a novice user. To know how to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp on PC, continue reading.

Import Excel Contacts into WhatsApp Application

Today, WhatsApp has become one of the most used applications to stay connected over the Internet and it is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and all other major OS X. It also offers various features to send images, gifs, videos, document files to all the users saved in your contact list of WhatsApp.

However, most of us find it easy to use it on our desktops, and initially it was only available to be installed through BlueStacks, which is an application to run WhatsApp on the laptop or desktop.

Everything is good with this application except it doesn’t allow to import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp. This is the reason why most of the BlueStacks WhatsApp users search different types of queries related to the same.

How to Import Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp on PC Related User Queries
Query 1: How do I create a WhatsApp Group from an Excel contact list on my desktop, as XLS file format stores the information in tabular form and I have no idea how to import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp PC. Please help!

-Linda C. Hayes, US

Query 2: Can someone explain to me how to import Excel Contacts into WhatsApp application. As I installed the WhatsApp application using the BS (Bluestack) but not able to move the contacts from Excel file into the application.

-Kai Degotardi, Australia

Moving forward to the main question…

So, How to Import Contacts From Excel to WhatsApp?

Since there’s no manual approach to import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp so, we have come up with an expert utility that will make your Excel contact file, BlueStacks compatible. So, let’s start!
1. Download and install Excel to vCard Converter

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2. Browse Excel contact file from the local system

Excel Contacts to WhatsApp

3. Preview Excel Contacts details within the software

how to add Excel Contacts to WhatsApp

4. Map Excel attributes with vCard attributes.

5. Select vCard v3.0 or v 4.0 and click Convert

6. Once converted, import this vCard to WhatsApp device through USB and open vCard file with Contacts application. Then, all your vCard contacts will get synchronized with WhatsApp Contacts automatically.

Import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp issue SOLVED!

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Why Choose This Software?

1. Saves time and effort of saving hundreds of contacts manually.
2. Converts Excel file easily into VCF format supported by WhatsApp.
3. 100% safe, secure, easy-to-use, and no technical expertise required.

With the help of steps given above, the user will be able to convert Excel file to VCF format supported by WhatsApp applications to store user contact information. So, just follow these steps and you will able to view all the user details of transferred contacts from Excel to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is a top leading messenger app and people are using this application on their desktop, laptop, and their mobile devices to send and receive the text messages, images, videos, documents, etc. But, before sending messages, a user needs to add the user details of their contacts. Various scenarios exist where a user needs to add the contact details from an Excel file to save time and effort of adding various user details every time. To import Excel Contacts to WhatsApp on PC or Desktop, we have disclosed a simple and 100% efficient solution. From now on, import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp will be no more a complex task for the users.