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Synopsis: SQL Server database is quite a helpful utility for users but even this has several critical loopholes. In this informative blog, we’re going to explain how to view SQL file even if you don’t have access to an SQL Server. There’s no need to worry, as this guide has the best solution for it along with the features of the tool.

An Incident –
It was a few days back when I received an email from a troubled user. The user states that he’s no longer using the SQL Server. However, he has MDF(SQL Server files) data files in his system having some very significant information. Now, just like any other regular user, he isn’t aware of the right method to open & view his SQL files. SO he even asked if there is any SQL viewer software.

I solved his query & decided to provide that assistance to you guys too if facing similar issues. We are quite sure that having the right set of knowledge with the integration of the ideal tool & technique will make you an expert in this operation. Stick to this guide to get all the relevant information you are searching for.

Learning to View SQL Database File but What’s the Need?

Before we move on, It’s crucial to know the reason why users need to view .sql file without using the SQL Server. There can be serval reasons for this that we are going to uncover. It’s possible that even you have one similar reaosn. Let’s quickly take a look.

Corruption in SQL File
Every type of file is prone to corruption & so is the MDF file. If your MDF file caught corruption due to Viruses, malware, ransomware, oversize files, etc, you’ll face difficulties viewing its data. Here, users can’t access the corrupted data files using the SQL Server. 

Absence of SQL Server
A lot of users do not use SQL Server & change to a different platform. In this case, they can not view .sql file without SQL Server. Hence, the users require a modern utility that can enable them to view their data files without any hassles.

Technical Errors in SQL Server
There are a lot of technical errors that arise due to various reasons. Sometimes these errors temporarily block users from viewing their desired data file. This is difficult for users to identify the cause unless the database shows any alert signs.

Different Versions of SQL Server
When a user upgrades to a newer version of SQL Server from an older version, they might face issues in viewing the older files in the new version. This error isn’t definite as it differs from user to user. In such cases, an additional solution is required to access the SL files.

How to View SQL File Using the Automated Tool?

Now the automated solution involving an advanced SQL viewer is the most ideal solution that users can opt for. The automated tool that we are going to explore is so far the best solution for users. No other solution including the manual ones can match the level of this one.

The reason for this tool being so advanced is simply the use of artificial intelligence in development. It has advanced algorithms that are tuned so refined to provide users with the most accurate results to read data from MDF file without SQL Server.

The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free of cost. So, in order to edit SQL file, you need to first view it. If you’re looking for a solution powerful enough to counter all the issues, downlaod this tool & then follow the below steps carefully.

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Step-1. Run the Tool as Administrator & Click on the Open button to add files.

step-1 how to view SQL file

Step-2. Select Quick or Advance scan option to detect the corrupted issues if any.


Step-3. Enable the Checkbox that says “Preview Deleted Records” to get all data.


Step-4. Wait for a while & the software completes the scanning of your database files.


Step-5. Now, Select your desired Data Items & then Click on the Ok button to finish.


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Software Specs to view SQL file:-

Size: 6.81 MB
Version: 11.0 MB
MD5 Value: 7dd84bbe1687952e7e54f68c67c9a683

Processor Required: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz (2.4 GHz Recommended)
Space Required: 100 MB
Ram Required: 2 GB Minimum (4 GB Recommended)

Features of Automated Tool to View .sql File

Let’s take a quick view of the features of this solution that make sit best in class & better than all other solutions including the manual ones.

View SQL Database File
The software allows users to view the database file having tables, functions, triggers, views, rules, indexes, etc. All of the required database objects can be viewed using this advanced solution without any hassles.

A User-Friendly Interface
The tool comes with a user-friendly interface that isn’t available in othe solutions. In fact, in some of the solutions like the T-SQL command method, users need to enter manual queries. Here, users can avoid that unnecessary effort easily.

No Limitation on File Size
There’s, no limitation on the size of data files here. Learning how to view SQL file this way is easy as users can process their heavy-size MDF & NDF files. The advanced (Pro) version of this tool can even recover suspect database in SQL Server easily.

Read Damaged Data Files
If your SQL files are damaged or corrupt, the software makes them readable without any issues. This is not possible manually as the manual method does not allow users to view corrupted files.

View Details of MDF & NDF
You can get database name & version, no. of pages, no. of tables, etc details of your MDF & NDF files. This means you’ll get to see A to Z information along with the data in the relevant SQL files.

Preview Records in Red Color
The special feature of highlighting the deleted objects in red color simplifies the identification. Users can quickly open their data files even if they are deleted. 

Save Scanned Database Objects
Just in case, users want to save the data files for the future, the software allows them to do that in .str format.

To Summarize The Above…

After viewing all of the crucial aspects of this topic, we are going to summarize this article. The automated solution is the best utility to learn how to view SQL file without any difficulties. Yes, there are a few manual solutions available but those aren’t as effective & efficient as the modern approach. The automated method simply reduces all of the critical factors that irritate users.

We are hoping that by now, you read the entire article. This means you’re now able to execute this operation without facing any hassles. To view SQL database file, all you need is the right tool, technique & adequate knowledge. Evidently, the SQL viewer mentioned above is one such utility to ease your challenges. You can late use several methods to even edit SQL files.