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SQL Database Recovery Software Review – A SQL Expert Experienced

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Aswin Vijayan
Approved By Aswin Vijayan
Published On January 17th, 2024
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Since 6 years, I Andrew Jackson working on the SQL server in my organization. Being an experienced person, I can say that corruption in the server database file is common nowadays. A slight mistake either while executing commands/queries or any other reason leads to corruption and hence, making MDF & NDF files inaccessible while working. I can understand that many other server users might be facing the same problem and also are unable to find an accurate and error-free approach to repair damaged SQL database. After performing a deep research and experiments, I finally found a workaround by which it had now become really easy for me to fix corrupt MDF file. Through this page, I am going to share the outcome of my research for helping users, who are facing the same problem.

First, I tried different manual as well as expertise level tips and tricks to repair corrupt master.mdf file of the SQL server but, none of them were worth. Then, I thought of using professional repairing tools to fix and restore corrupted SQL server database. Well, I Googled many products for the same and finally, I encountered the best software to repair MDF file i.e., SQL Database Recovery tool.

Overview on SQL MDF File Recovery Software

Product Name SQL Database Recovery
Version 6.2.1
Download Setup File Size 6.4 MB
Prerequisites Independent Solution : Does Not require SQL server installation for working
Windows OS Compatible with Windows 10 & all below versions
SQL Server SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, and earlier ones
Product Official Link https://www.systoolsgroup.com/sql-recovery.html

About SQL Database Recovery Tool

The MDF file recovery software is focused on recovery from SQL server database files, which are either severely corrupted or less corrupt. It retrieves entire items from the source MDF file like tables, functions, stored procedures, rules, triggers, etc., and instantly loads the extracted data on its preview window. A SQL server client can repair corrupt master.mdf and NDF files by thoroughly curing file corruption via Quick or Advance scan options. In addition to all this, users will now be able to fix SQL database errors like Msg 605 with SQL Server, Msg 7105 in SQL Server, Database consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECK, Error 3414 and a failed database recovery with SQL Server, etc. Well, MDF file recovery tool offers an outstanding feature to recover deleted table from SQL server. One can export those retrieved table data directly to the SQL server environment or save it in the SQL compatible script.

MDF File Recovery Software Availability

SQL recovery program is available in two versions, which are explained below:
Microsoft SQL repair database tool for free: The software is available on the official website to download and install setup on PC. With help of this freeware, users can fix damaged MDF file, test working of the software but, will be unable to export recovered data either in SQL server compatible script or directly to the server.

Licensed Version of SQL Recovery Tool: A software key is provided to the client who purchases MDF file repair tool. The full version of this application is not restricted with any of the functioning and hence, equips option to export the restored database. Users can buy the product from the official site and it is being assured that entire online transaction procedure will be performed in a secretive manner without any fraud.

Salient Features of SQL Database Recovery Product

a) Dual Modes to Repair SQL Database MDF File: In order to overcome from severe file corruption, software is offering following two options to deal with the same:

b) Advance Scan: If the master.mdf file had gone highly corrupted/damaged then, use this option to resolve the issue.

c) Quick Scan: In case the SQL server database file is less corrupted then, choose this scanning method. By default, the software performs a quick scan operation to repair corrupt master.mdf file.


b) Provides Two Options to Export Retrieved Items: The SQL recovery tool equips following two options to move the restored tables, triggers, etc.,
a) SQL Server Database: Use this option to directly transfer files into the live SQL server database by providing required credentials
b) SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts: Utilize the option of SQL Database Recovery tool to export SQL server items to a compatible script, which will be created and saved with .sql extension


c) Featured Previewing of SQL Server Tables: The program thoroughly scans the entire damaged SQL database file and loads a list of all extracted information in a tree-like structure and entire tables are displayed in a sorted arrangement. Click on any of the displayed tables and view its content with rows & columns. SQL Database recovery software enables its users to verify whether the resultant data matches the original one or not.


d) Option to Export With Schema / Schema & Data: There is an additional and interesting feature in the MDF file repair tool that it enables users to export the only schema of chosen procedures, tables, etc. Moreover, one can also export both schema and data in it without any complications and just have to check the option of With Schema & Data.


e) The capability of Auto Detecting SQL Server Version: After adding corrupt master.MDF file in SQL server recovery software, the tool automatically opens a Scan Options wizard where you have to choose scan mode and version of the SQL server from which MDF file is originated. However, if one is not knowing the SQL server edition then, use Auto-detect option for allowing SQL recovery tool to itself discover the version for process consistency.



  • Feature to auto-detect secondary database file of the SQL server
  • Add files or folder option to browse multiple NDF files related to MDF
  • Displays a message window to save the complete file scanning report
  • Support recovery from MDF file, affected from Ransomware attack
  • Facility to export selective information by checking/unchecking them

Does not support recovery from multiple MDF files at a time

Final Thoughts

SQL Database Recovery software is an effective and efficient approach to easily repair both MDF and NDF files of the SQL server. Based upon the technical working, I would like to rate it 9.8/10 because of a con discussed above. Being an expert, I would like to suggest other SQL server users that they can rely on this product to fix damaged MDF file and make database storage file again accessible in the SQL server. The SQL Recovery tool understands the value of time and money, therefore, spending dollars on it will always prove worthy for its users.