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Read Data from MDF File without SQL Server – Counter Critical Errors

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Synopsis: This informative blog is a combination of all the major aspects regarding our topic to read data from MDF file without SQL server. The causes of the issue why users aren’t able to access their MDF files are also there. Evidently, the best solution along with the unorthodox features makes it way better than others. Hence, the aim of this article is to allow users to simply read MDF file without SQL Server with utmost security features.

As per the recent surveys, the facts show that around 34% SQL database users face the same issue. They aren’t able to read the files as the files are unable to open. Now as now that SQL Server is having the 3rd largest userbase, this 34% is a huge number. Before we start, let’s have a look at the location where the MDF files are stored in the recent versions.

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  • 2019 SQL Server Version:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL15.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\TechForums19.mdf
  • 2017 SQL Server Version:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\TechForums19.mdf
  • 2016 SQL Server Version:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL13.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\TechForums19.mdf
  • 2014 SQL Server Version:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\TechForums19.mdf

Know the Causes of Issue Before We Read MDF File without SQL Server

Now, we’re going to have a look at the causes of why users face this situation. So, clearly, there are a few major reasons. Being aware of such causes will let you prevent such situations for the next time.

Technical Errors
There are several technical issues that restrict users from getting access to their database objects. This is why they can’t read the data files as they aren’t aware of the technicalities.

Not Having SQL Server
When users no longer use the SQL Server but have MDF files, they can’t read the files. Therefore, to read data from MDF file without SQL server, they have to use a relevant tool.

Different SQL Version
In scenarios where users have certain SQL Server version but MDF files of different versions. Here, users have to find a solution that let them open files of all SQL versions.

Corruption of MDF Data File
Another major issue is file corruption. Evidently, file corruption always damages the MDF file & stops users from reading their crucial information. Below are the reasons for corruption mentioned:

  • Virus intrusion on the system.
  • Disk failures & corruption of storage media.
  • Cyber attacks like ransomware & malware strikes.
  • Improper system shutdowns & sudden power failure.
  • Bad sectors in hard drive & hardware malfunctioning.
  • Accidental loss or deletion of sensitive MDF data files.

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Read Data from MDF File without SQL Server – Modern Approach Features

To counter the issue, we have the modern method also known as the automated solution. This involves the Best SQL MDF Viewer Tool which is solely designed to solve users’ viewing issues. Below are the features of this software mentioned. This is the major reason why users opt for this solution as their first choice.

  • Read SQL Server Tables, Keys, Triggers, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Functions, Rules, Views, etc. Almost all of the crucial data objects can be accessed with this solution safely.
  • Allow users to preview their accidentally deleted database object highlighted in the Red color. Makes it easier for SQL users to identify their deleted data files if required for any further purpose.
  • If users want, they can easily read data from MDF file without SQL server & then save it in .str file format for future purposes. The tool allows them to execute this task without any hassles.
  • The software is able to open MDF files with corruption in them. The Quick Scan allows users to view files with a low level of corruption. Whereas, the Advance Scan enables them to read highly corrupted data files.
  • Automatic detection of the SQL Server version & data files is possible with this utility. The tool simply uses the metadata of your SQL MDF files & reduces users’ efforts & eliminates unnecessary steps.
  • Users can read their MDF files of any file size. The software does not restrict them to view files only upto a particular size limit. Moreover, all of the SQL Server versions are supported by this automated utility.

Step By Step Tutorial to Read MDF File without SQL Server Automatically

Now without wasting any time, we are going to learn the step-by-step tutorial in this section. The automated solution will be our modus operandi & this is why quickly download the above-mentioned best tool from here.

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Moreover, make sure where your MDF files are located as you need to attach these files to the software. The location of MDF files is mentioned above for the same. You’re going to operate on the most secure, fast, & advanced solution as IT experts themselves trust this solution. Without any worries copy the below-mentioned steps carefully to read data from MDF file without SQL server seamlessly.

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Step-1. Run the Software & then In the first screen Click the Open button.

Click Open to read data from MDF file without SQL server

Step-2. Select Quick or the Advanced Scan option to detect corruption of files.  

Select Scan Mode

Step-3. Also, Enable the Checkbox “Preview Deleted Records” option if you need.

Enable Preview Deleted Records Checkbox

Step-4. Here, just Wait for a while till the software will complete scanning your MDF files.

Document Scanning

Step-5. At, last, users just need to Click on the Ok button & finish off the task to read files.

Ok button

Note: If you want to repair & recover the MDF data files then you can also have a look at the SQL Database Recovery Software. Therefore, Download the tool & get your desired results in the minimum time possible.

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Bringing It All Together

As per Microsoft’s MVPs & IT experts, the modern approach is the best recommendation. However, the manual methods are also decent but you should keep them as the backup option. Hence, the primary solution to read data from MDF file without SQL Server for users must be the modern approach. This way users can easily get their expected results with utmost security & accuracy. Also, users can fix SQL Server error code 823 safely using this tool.