How to Unsecure a PDF Using Chrome Step by Step?

Samuel Adams | August 5th, 2020 | PDF

As we all know PDF files are widely used in today’s arena for sharing the documents. It’s because these files provide an extra layer of security preserves file formatting. It can be any financial report, analyst report, scientific report or, any type kind of document, PDF format is widely preferred to save data. But, the security on it restricts others to perform certain actions like copy, edit, and print. However, this file security can be removed by using Google Chrome and other available tools. So, in this write-up, we have discussed how to unsecure a PDF using Chrome. Along with this, we have also covered the professional tool for the same. So, let’s begin.

Manually Unlock PDF Using Google Chrome

Follow these simple steps and unsecure a secured PDF file:
1- Open the PDF document in Google Chrome
Note: If the file is having a document open password then, enter it.
2- Click on the Print icon present in the top right corner
3- From the “Destination” folder select the “Save as PDF” button
4- Then, click on the blue “Save” button and save the new PDF file on the destination
By following the above-mentioned steps users can know how to unsecure a PDF using Chrome.

Manual Method Limitations

1- At a time the user can unsecure a single PDF document
2- It will not work if the PDF is having printing restrictions

Proficient Tool to Unsecure PDF Document

From the above-mentioned section, we can clearly see that the manual method will get fail if the file is print restricted. But, there is an alternative named as PDF Restriction Remover that can efficiently unsecure protected PDF documents. The utility supports to remove restrictions like a copy, print, edit, comment, sign, etc., from PDF files. The tool supports to remove encryption from PDF files and is compatible with all the latest version of the Windows Operating system.

All file formatting and data integrity is maintained by the tool. Users don’t have to worry about the data loss because the software carries out the process without losing a single bit of data. Moreover, if the file is user-level password protected then, it can also be unlocked by the tool. But, the user-level password must be known to the user.

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Steps to Unsecure a Secured PDF File

Launch the software on the Windows operating system
• Click on the Unlock button to proceed further

run to remove PDF password restriction
• Hit the Browse button & select the protected PDF file

browse to unlock secured pdf

View the restrictions present in the PDF document
• Click on the Browse button & choose the destination location
• Now, click the Unlock button to start the process

unlock secured PDF restriction
Note: If the file is document open password-protected then enter the password
• Finally, the process completion message will be shown to the user



How to unsecure a PDF using Chrome is the most frequently asked query by the users. Whenever people came across the secured PDF documents they are searching for the solution to unlock PDF. Here, we have described the complete step by step process that will help them to unsecure Adobe PDF documents. But, due to certain limitations of the manual method we have also covered the automated tool that will work even if the file is print restricted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to unsecure a PDF with Google chrome if it is password protected?

To unsecure password protected PDF documents, it is required that the password must be known to the use.

Is there any other way to unsecure PDF files?

Yes, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can remove security from PDF documents but the permission password must be known. With this password, file cannot be unlocked.

Is it possible to use this application on Mac OS X?

Yes, of course, the version of the tool is also available for Mac operating system users & it supports Mac OS X 10.8 & above versions.