How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains – Quick Solution

Samuel Adams | August 20th, 2018 | How to

A Google user account is made the owner of Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. by default when he creates or uploads them to the Google drive. Being Owner of the documents, users can transfer Google Drive from one account to another as long as the destination Gmail address is valid. This can be done using the Ownership transfer option provided by Google. This allows users to transfer the ownership of a large number of files and documents to another account. Sometimes when the users find the solution for how to transfer Google Docs across domains query and when they attempt to perform Google Docs ownership transfer across different domains, they may face an error message, viz.,

Sorry, Cannot transfer ownership to Ownership can only be transferred to another user in the same domain as the current user.

Also, there are a number of users who do not have any idea regarding how to transfer Google Docs across domains. If you are one among the users who are constantly trying to find the solution for the above-mentioned issue, then continue reading this article. We will cover the Google Docs Ownership transfer techniques in a detailed manner. Let’s get started.

How to Transfer Google Docs Across Domains in Distinct Scenarios

We can categorize Google Drive users into three, viz., Owner, Editor, and Viewer. Even though the authority to comment, edit and view the documents are given to multiple users, the owner of a document will be the one who creates it. The owner can also the ownership to other users also using ‘Is Owner’ option. Two scenarios in which users can perform ownership transfer are mentioned below.

  1. Google Docs Ownership Transfer within Same Domain
  2. Google Docs Ownership Transfer between Different Domains

Note: Choose the solution according to the requirement of the user.
In this article, we will discuss the technique to transfer Google Docs across different domains.

Google Docs Ownership Transfer Across Different Domains

If you are searching for a solution for how to transfer Google Docs across domains query, follow the steps mentioned below in the order:

  • Login to source Google account from which ownership transfer should be performed. Now, move all the documents to a folder inside the same Drive.
  • Share the folder with destination Google account of another domain
  • Sign into the external Google Drive account
  • Move the shared folder from ‘Shared with Me’ to ‘My Drive’

Note: Ownership of folder is still handled by the original source account and the destination user cannot change the ownership.

  • First, download and setup Drive file stream to PC. Then, log in with the destination account.

Note: If Drive file stream is already configured with the source account, disconnect it and start a new session with destination account credentials.

  • Allow to Sync Drive file stream properly
  • Locate the shared folder & right click on it. If you are a Mac OS user, choose the Duplicate option. For Windows OS, choose Copy & then Paste
  • This will generate a duplicate of the shared folder with the destination account as the owner of the folder
  • Allow the new folder to completely sync with the drive.
  • Now, check the Drive folder and check whether the destination account is the owner of the replicated folder & its contents

Summing It Up

By considering the scenario of a user who seeks a solution for how to transfer Google Docs across domains query, we have provided the valid solution is the above section. In this write-up, we have discussed all the scenarios with the solutions to overcome them. Users can choose the mentioned technique according to the context. If it is difficult to execute the manual solutions, users can always go for a third party solution like SysTools Google Drive Migrator. It allows Google Docs ownership transfer without any technical expertise.