Best Google Drive Migrator Tool of 2019 With Complete Review

There are some situations in which a user thinks of migrating Google Drives data from one domain to another domain. It can be due to any reason such as users want to switch all its data to some other domain or its can be due to storage issue also. Like this there can be many other possible reason also for migration. But, when a user needs to perform this migration in a seamless and reliable manner, no solution is the perfect one. Thus, users look for some professional solution for the same. Google Drive Migration tool is one of the popularly used application for the same purpose. It let users transfer files from G Drive to another account in no time. Apart from this, there are many more features also offered by the tool. As users keep on searching for the tool so, a complete review of SysTools Google Drive Migrator tool is covered here. This will surely help users in deciding regarding the tool.

A Quick Overview of Google Drive Migrator Tool

It is developed with the motive to let users move G Drive to another Google Drive. It transfer all data items like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc., very easily without any hassle. It is one of the best application that permit users complete drive migration process in a customize way also. This Google Drive Migration tool is capable to export all type of data like videos, images, docs of any format supported by Google Drive. There is no limitation on type of files a user can move from Google Drive to another domain. Apart from all this, a user can run this application on any Windows OS version.

An Easiest Way to Transfer Files from Google Drive to Another Account

Whenever someone thinks of moving data between the drives, there can be many other demands also of users. For example, selective data migration, trash folder migration. So, let me give you a complete review of features offered by this Google Drive Migrator.

  • Transfer Google Drive Data Completely

This application provides users option to move data between the drives. During the data transfer process, a user can move all type of data from one G Drive to another. It includes, audio, videos, photos, PDFs, docs, Google Slides, Google Jamboard, Google Sites, etc. In addition, it has a really good speed during G Drive to G Drive migration process.

  • 2 Options to Move Google Drive Data

When a user wants to transfer data from Google Drive to another account, it can be done with the help of both Admin account or User account. It means a user can migrate data between drives in four different combination i.e.,

  • Domain to Domain Migration (via Admin Account)
  • Gmail to Domain
  • Domain to Gmail
  • Gmail to Gmail
  • Allows to Perform Bulk Migration

Sometimes users have requirement to move multiple users Google Drive data. At that point in time, a user can go for Add CSV option. One can add any number of source and destination user ID in it and upload it directly. This Google Drive Migration tool will easily migrate data between the multiple Google Drives at once

  • Migrate “Shared With Me” Folder

Every Google Drive has one Shared With Me folder also that stores data shared by someone else. Thus, during G Drive to G Drive migration, a user might requires to move data from this folder also. Using this application, a user can migrate that also from one domain to another in no time. A user just needs to check Migrate Shared Files option, it will create separate folder at the destination location.

  • Option to Transfer “Trash” Folder

Another impressive features offered by SysTools Google Drive Migrator tool is that it let users move trash folder containing deleted items from one account to another. It is an optional feature that one can use according to his or her choice.

  • Allows to Move All Permissions

With the help of this tool, a user can transfer permissions applied on files & folder from source to destination drive. It is also an optional feature that one can use when he or she wants to move permissions between the drives.

  • Export Selective Data from G Drive

In order to perform selective data migration from one Google Drive to another, the software offers date-based filter. A user needs to specify the date range, the software will transfer only that data from Google Drive to another Google Drive.

Observational Verdict

Keeping the overall functionality of this SysTools Google Drive Migrator in mind, it can be rated as 4.5 out of 5. This review covers all major highlights of this tool as it fulfills all the requirement of any user and allow to perform even domain to domain migration also via admin account. Highly recommended application for Google Drive to Google Drive migration.