Google Drive File Stream Not Syncing : Steps to be Taken Next

Samuel Adams | August 14th, 2018 | Technology

Every latest technology comes up with certain advantages and disadvantages. There are only quite a few which work without any hindrance. Different problems may arise after each and every update of the technology even though beta testing is being carried out. Many instances have been pointed out by users where Google Drive file stream not syncing issue has occurred. There are quite a number of simple solutions associated with this which are not yet familiar for the users. Such solutions are being mentioned in this article so that it will become handy for users when they are facing Google Drive File Stream not opening issue and also solution to backup G suite email as well as other data to computer . The mentioned steps are really simple so that any user without much technical knowledge can carry out them.

“I have just installed Google Drive file stream on the system. I was intending to carry out that for quite a long time. I thought it to be a tiresome procedure for me as I am not a technical person. But I managed to complete the installation and configuration somehow. But now I am facing trouble to sync G Apps files and I got Google Drive file stream not syncing error as well. I am looking for ways to resolve the issue and any help will be appreciated.”

Google Drive File Stream – Overview

Drive file stream is the desktop application similar to Backup & Sync corresponding to Google Apps drive. It is used to sync data files from G Suite to a computer and vice versa. Unlike Backup & Sync, it does not download the Drive files to local but will store the index of the files that are saved in the cloud. A user can access the index from the local and can download and work on the file according to the necessity. The changes made in files will be automatically reflected on the cloud once connected with the Internet. Up to some extent, this will allow the users to overcome errors like Google file stream not syncing.

The configuration of the Drive file stream can be done using the following steps.

  • Open Google Drive in a browser and check the existence of all the files in Google Drive.
  • Delete the files from PC in order to free up storage space.
  • Then, install Google File Stream on PC & start Sync.
  • Access the synced files from the computer.

Solutions for Solving Google Drive File Stream Not Syncing Error

There are several simple instructions that can resolve the above discussed issue. The list of solutions is mentioned below.

#Solution 1 Upgrade the File Streaming Service

This is a simple but effective technique which comes in handy very often. The only thing a user has to do is to request the configuration of some techniques which in turn will make the syncing a lot easier by upgrading the service. It is kind of a useful as well as up to the mark solution for Drive file Stream not opening or syncing issue.

#Solution 2 Remove Old Application Version

Issues can also arise as a result of updation of application to the newest versions. This may be due to device incompatibility issues. In this situation, remove the new version of the application and use the old version itself. Then check for any persisting issues.

#Solution 3 Save Drive File Stream Files Offline

While utilizing Google Drive File Stream, the documents are put away inside a different virtual system volume and are downloaded on-request. This enables clients to get to information when not connected with the web. There are basic strides to play out this technique. It enables a person to spare the records locally on the PC. Here are the guidelines for the said strategy:

  • Go to Google Drive File Stream folder from the file explorer window.
  • Launch and list the stored files in the drive folder.
  • Right-click on the required file and select Drive File Stream >> Available Offline.

Wrapping up:

Google dispatches new services quite often. The most recent application launched by Google is Google Go. Such new updates and arrivals often create confusion and thus cause difficulty to fix the issues occurred. This article conveys the Google Drive file stream not syncing issue and gives solutions for the same. Also to backup Google Apps for Business/ Education/ Work data, you can use an expert tool called SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool.