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How to Recover Deleted Files from Sandisk Flash Drive? DIY Solution

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Published On April 4th, 2024
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Are you searching for a solution on how to recover deleted files from Sandisk flash drive? If yes, then, no need to worry; simply read this article and know the appropriate solution. So let’s start the article.

Every memory unit on the flash drive has a limited lifetime calculated in a write-erase cycle. When the limit is reached, all clusters that include the data files become unreadable and if the clusters are for the boot sector, the system can no longer detect them or request formatting. Also, sometimes the files on a flash drive might get damaged or mistakenly deleted. In a few cases, viruses can also be involved in the permanent deletion of files.

Well, whatever the reason for this issue is, it is extremely recommended to unplug the flash drive to avoid any data loss risk, as it decreases the chances of data recovery. In this write-up, users will learn about trustworthy software to recover data from SanDisk USB drive.

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How to Recover Deleted Files from Sandisk Flash Drive? User Query

I recently deleted important documents from my SanDisk USB drive. I didn’t do anything to the drive because I knew there was flash drive recovery software that could help and I wanted the files back. Can you recommend some software that can help me? Please help, thanks!

Reasons Behind Data Loss

Before we learn how to recover data from corrupted USB drive, let’s go through the various reasons responsible for permanent data loss from a USB drive:

  • Poor Handling: Sometimes you delete your files accidentally or unintentionally from your flash drive and empties the Recycle Bin folder too.
  • Other Program: Any other program that is installed on the local machine or disconnected partition on the flash drive can delete the files permanently.
  • USB Port Malfunction: Unplugging a flash drive in rough mode can cause damage or permanent deletion of data files.
  • Physical Damage: Manufacturing imperfections can result in the failure of a USB key. A section that is too delicate can also harm a USB key, resulting in data loss.

Automatic Solution to Recover Data from SanDisk USB Drive

Here we will tell users about the application to recover files from Sandisk USB flash drive. Pen Drive Deleted Data Recovery is a high-grade tool to recover corrupted PNG files from pen drive using this, users can recover images, PST, OST, videos, documents, and all other multimedia items from the USB drive. This utility is extremely well designed so that it can restore data from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS formatted USB drives.

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It supports data recovery from USB drive, flash drive, pen drive, and memory card as well. With this utility, you can find specific data, it provides a search option and supports all editions of Windows OS. With the help of this software, users can recover formatted data from Pen drive. This application allows data recovery from all brand flash drives without any file size limitation like Sandisk, Transcend, HP, Kingston, Toshiba, Sony, iBall, Moser Baer, PNY, Lexar so on.

Quick Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Sandisk Flash Drive

The tool supports restoring normal and permanently deleted data from flash drives by following four easy steps. Follow the steps to remove shortcut virus from pen drive mentioned below to execute the utility:

Step 1: Download and install the pen drive recovery software on a Windows PC.

Recover Deleted Files from Sandisk Flash Drive

Step 2: After that, the application will offer two different options to scan the selected flash drive:
Scan: To scan deleted and corrupted data from flash drive
Formatted Scan: To scan formatted data from flash drive

recover deleted files from sandisk usb drive

Step 3: Now, the software will list all restored folders in the left pane of the utility and bold the folder that contains data. Shift-delete files will be highlighted in red color for simple identification.

recover Data from SanDisk USB Drive

Step 4: Finally, you save some selected data items, just check the files from the right panel and hit a right-hit on the selected file. Click Save

Recover Files from Sandisk USB Flash Drive

Final Verdict

All USB flash drive users know how simple it is to lose data files. The combination of ‘Shift’ and ‘Delete’ is enough to restores pen drive capacity back. After losing important files, users just ask a simple question that how to recover deleted files from Sandisk flash drive. In order to resolve this problem, we have discussed one of the precise solutions to recover permanently deleted files from Sandisk pen drive in this post. All the convenient features provided by the software make it different from all other third-party tools available for the same purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users

Q: Is it possible to recover deleted files from a Sandisk flash drive?

Yes, using this software, you can easily recover permanently deleted data from Sandisk USB flash drive.

Is it possible to run this tool on Windows 10 to recover deleted data from a USB drive?

Yes, this software is designed in such a way that it can recover deleted or lost data from the USB flash drive of any Windows computer.