How to Number Pages in PDF Document Safely?

Samuel Adams | May 17th, 2019 | How to, Technology, Tips

In today’s period of life, a lot of people work and deal with PDF documents. We come across so much data that we organize with the help of PDF documents. But when these PDF files start getting bulked at a place, it rarely becomes easy to retrieve required data from the PDF files. So here, in this blog, I shall be discussing the necessity of organizing PDF files and a method on How to number pages in PDF document will be described.

So let’s start discussing some situations where Bates numbering PDF documents become a necessity.

Why Add Page Numbers in PDF?

You can easily understand the necessity in PDF page numbering through the situations displayed below

Situation 1:

When one work in court, say for Advocates. They have to document a large number of facts and figures as evidences and other statements. Due to the technology development many among the Advocates prefer using PDF to document them. When the case extends to a long period, it becomes difficult for the person to manage these files. To organize these files, the person search for ways on “How to number pages in PDF files?

Situation 2:

A person working in business firm. He requires to document all the development done on that particular day into a PDF file. At a point of referral, the person finds it difficult to get the required data due to large number of PDF files placed at a location. He wants to maintain the PDF files for easily referrals & get to know that adding Bates stamp to PDF can organize the PDF files. Thus, the person search for a method on.

With the above situations mentioned, you can easily figure out the requirement of page numbering in PDF documents.

How to Number Pages in PDF File? – Efficient Solution

The effective solution to place page numbers in documents is named SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. This method is capable of putting numbers in pages of the PDF files easily and efficiently. Apart from numbering to normal PDF files, this method automatically removes the edit restrictions from the PDF file and add page numbers to it. Also, this application offers to perform the numbering task on multiple PDF files in bulk. We will know more about this application in the coming section. Now let’s learn how to number pages in PDF document without PDF data alteration.

PDF Bates Numberer Download

Steps to Add Sequential Numbers to PDF

You need download the application, install it, and follow the steps given below to organise PDF file(s) for easy retrievals

  • Run SysTools PDF Bates Numberer on the system
  • Click on Bates (or Generate Bates) from the secondary menu
Click on Bates Option
  • Check for Generate Bates Number and proceed
Generate Bates Number Option
  • Add PDF files and check to Remove Encryption from PDF files option
Add PDF files
  • When proceeded, add Bates details to be displayed and move ahead
Format page numbers in PDF document to be displayed
  • Set Position and add customizations as required
Customization for numbering PDF pages
  • Browse destination and proceed. Click Generate to number pages in PDF file
Generate Bates on PDF file pages

After process completion, view the files. Now let us see some features that this application offers to us.

Features in Adding Sequential Numbers to PDF Documents

There are many features offered by the application. Some among the major features to number pages in PDF document are described below

  • Remove Encryption from PDF Files: The application helps the user in Bates numbering PDF documents with security. The user need not even know the password for decrypting. Only, you have to check for the Encryption removal option and the page numbers will be added on PDFs with a security password.
  • Generate Bates Stamp for File Series: The user is offered an option to organize multiple PDF files with contents related in an altogether different manner. The user will be able to add bates section for PDF files so that at retrieval time, the user is able to differentiate the data from related contents folder section.
  • Print PDF file with added Page Numbers: Another interesting feature is the Print PDF option. In this, the user can directly print the PDF file by adding page numbers to it. Also, many print customizations are provided for more satisfied PDF file printing with added bates stamp.


In this article, we have discussed how to number pages in PDF document. We have provided an easy and efficient method to perform the PDF numbering task for you. Also, have gathered some reasons and discussed why it became necessary to add sequential page numbers to PDF files. Go along the blog to get to your solution with more than you required.