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How to Move a Large PST File? – 2 Best Methods are Here

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If a PST file exceeds its maximum size limit, it is considered oversized. An ANSI PST file can hold up to 2 GB of mailbox data files. An oversized PST file is frequently vulnerable to corruption. It often confronts errors and issues while moving large PST files. That’s why users want to know how to move a large PST file. Large sized iles not only trouble while moving from one location to another. Then again slows down the system, application, and import and export process.

But using the below-shown methods will fix this issue within minutes. We have provided manual and professional solutions. Execute whichever you find suitable. But first, let get in-depth information for oversized PST file issue.

User Query

“My PST file is 15.7 GB, and I’m constantly concerned that it’s too big. I downloaded Outlook 2016 solely because it supports large PST files, and when I tried to move my Outlook 2000.pst file. I got the same error message, saying that the PST file too large to open and move to another destination folder.

How to move a large PST file without any error? Is it possible to copy and transfer PST files without deleting my emails? ”

Users who use Outlook on a daily basis struggle with such problems. Especially if a has passed over time and a lot of data files have accumulated in the mailbox.

Issues Users Face Due to Oversized Outlook Data File

These issues are reported by the users who tried to process their large Outlook data files, mainly moving or transferring.

  • On oversized PST files, the majority of operations are extremely slow.
  • Large files are more likely to become corrupted.
  • It’s difficult to open, transfer, process, and import large sized PST files.
  • Outlook PST File Too big for destination file system,” says the error message.

Although scanpst (Inbuilt utility by Outlook) can repair minor corruptions, the repair process will take a longer time if the PST file is large.

How to Move a Large PST File? – Two Methods

The user can move oversized PST file if he chooses either option to reduce the PST file size.

  1. Manually Minimize the size of a PST file
  2. Professional PST Splitter utility (To manage and process PST files effectively)

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Method #1. Manual Method to reduce PST File That Is Too Large

First, make a backup of your PST file, then follow the steps to reduce the size of your PST file. To reduce the size, the user may remove unnecessary data.

NOTE – However, keep in mind that when you remove an object in Outlook, it simply moves to the Deleted Items Folder, which does not free up space. So you have to go to the deleted Items folder and pick the folder to remove its contents permanently. However, the file will not shrink automatically.

  1. Go to the File menu and then choose Account Settings.
  2. In the next step, select the large-sized PST file in the Data file tab and then click on the Settings button.
  3. Afterward, go to the Advanced tab then select Outlook Data File Settings.
  4. Lastly, click on the Compact Now tab, then click on the OK button.

Warning: Depending on the size of the PST file, compacting can take several hours. Make sure the process doesn’t get interrupted when it’s going.

#2. Split and Move a large PST file Using Professional Tool (Recommended)

You can use Split PST Tool to easily break large sized Outlook data files. With this tool, one can break oversized Outlook PST file into smaller pieces while preserving the intergrity of data. This software allows breaking PST files with all data items such as Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Tasks, and Journal. Follow the mentioned steps to perform this task:

Step 1. Download and Install the software on your device.  

launch tool

Step 2. Add PST files ot folder and specify the destination path to access the PST files.

add files or folder

Step 3. Choose the Options according to your needs.

choose split options

Step 4. Once you are satisfied with the setup, simply check the click on the Next button.

check information

Step 5. The process will start automatically.

split and move a large pst file

After breaking of PST files you can easily move a large PST file to any device location where you were intended to.

How to Avoid PST File Becoming Large

1. Make sure your old-format PST file does not exceed 2GB.

2. Do not work for a huge number of emails.

3. Never save your PST file to a network drive or a server.

4. Before shutting down/powering down your machine, make sure Outlook has exited.

5. Use caution when using the anti-virus software and Outlook add-ins.

6. Make a weekly backup of your PST files.


This blog is intended to assist users in resolving how to move a large PST file. As well as to address some situations in which this problem has arisen. The manual method and the automated tool can fix these issues.  Depending on the seriousness of PST file conditions you can choose accordingly.