How to Extract Protected PDF File in Batch in Most Reliable Ways

Samuel Adams | September 18th, 2020 | PDF

Do you want to know how to extract protected PDF file in bulk? If Yes? Then, read out this simple write-up and get the most prominent solution.

There is no doubt that PDF is the most widely shared document across the world. It’s been noticed that many companies are interacting with their overseas clients insists that any digital documents must be shared through PDF files. It’s because this file format preserves data integrity & file formatting.

However, along with the text & images these files also contain embedded documents such as .xlsx, .doc, .png, etc. But, while extracting these embedded files people file some difficulty due to PDF file security/protection. Therefore, to ease users’ problems we come up with this write-up and presented the best solution for the query i.e. “how to extract protected PDF file”. But, before that let us know the types of protection in PDF files.

What Kind of Protected PDF File Needs to be Extracted

There are two types of protected PDF files i.e. user and owner level protected PDF file:

User Level Password Protected

These kinds of files are protected with a user-level password, this password restricts the user to open and view PDF files unless and until the appropriate password is applied. Once the document open password is entered the user and view the PDF file contents.

Owner Level Password Protected

These kinds of files are protected with a permission password. It restricts the user in performing operations such as editing, copying, printing, extraction, etc. However, the user can view this permission restricted PDF files but cannot edit copy or print them. Moreover, to enable editing, copying, printing, etc. permissions the user needs to unlock PDF files.

User Queries

Recently, I got a PDF from my manger & he shared the password for that PDF document as well. However, I can open that password protected pdf, but can’t extract its embedded attachments. My permissions/settings don’t allow it to perform this task. Can anyone tell me how can I change permission settings and extract password protected PDF file?

I want to extract protected PDF file for some urgent work. It contains some PowerPoint presentations and training lectures video files. I need to extract these files from PDF but don’t know why this file is not allowing me to extract files from it. Can anyone help me in suggesting a prefect and instant way to resolve this query? Thanks in advance.!

How to Extract Secured PDF File With the Best Tool?

PDF Extractor Software is the most advanced utility that helps users to extract embedded files from PDF documents. It supports to extract documents from both restricted as well as from known password-protected PDF files. It enables the user to extract images, attachments, and text from PDF documents. Moreover, if the user wants they can extract selective files from PDF files. It provides attachment filters i.e. size and file type.

Also, if they want to save the images into PDF file format then select the option “Save Inline Images as PDF”. However, the utility gives two options i.e. Create Individual PDF & Create Single PDF. With the first option, users can save each image of each PDF files in a separate PDF document. While on the other hand, the second option saves all the images in a single PDF file.

But, apart from PDF it also provides other different options to save images i.e. PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc. It also provides the option to Apply Page Settings that helps in extracting images or text from secured PDF documents. Also, the utility is available for both operating system users i.e. Windows as well as Mac.

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Steps to Extract Files from Locked PDF Documents

Follow these simple steps to extract secured PDF document:

1- Launch the tool and click on Add Files / Add Folder option

add files
2- From the “Items Type” select the desired option i.e. “Attachments”,  “Images”, or “Text”

3- Apply the Attachment Filter,  Inline Image Settings, Text Settings

attachment filter
4- Click the “Extract” button to initiate the process

extract secured pdf file
5- “The PDF Files are Extracted Successfully” message will be displayed


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How to extract protected PDF file in the batch is not that much difficult as we think? It depends upon the protected PDF that the user wants to extract. If the file is user-level secured then they must know the password for that particular PDF file. Otherwise, if the file is restricted they it is not necessary to have a permission password. However, to make work easier, in the above article we have described the best utility that can extract locked PDF files in batch easily. The tool can process both restricted as well as user-level secured PDF documents for the file extraction purpose.