Freeware to Convert NSF to PST: Read On To Know More

Ugra Narayan Pandey | April 20th, 2021 | Tips

Have you tried to access Lotus Notes NSF file in Outlook? Were you able to do so successfully with the help of manual methods? If the answer to the last query is No, then we have the best solution for you. Thinking about How to Convert NSF File to PST Free? Deploy a NSF to PST Converter and successfully access your NSF file in Outlook. In this blog, we will bring to you the most efficient Freeware to convert NSF to PST that will serve your purpose.

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Requirement to Access NSF File in Outlook

The main reason that initiates the conversion of Lotus Notes supporting NSF file to Outlook PST file is the difference in the structures of both the files. Owing to the difference in their structures, NSF and PST files do not offer cross-platform support. That is NSF files cannot be accessed in Outlook and in the same way PST files are inaccessible in Lotus Notes. Before trusting any solution, users would like to test its freeware edition to convert lotus notes NSF to outlook PST free. Therefore, when a user needs to access the NSF file in Outlook, the NSF file needs to be converted to PST format. The NSF file once converted to PST file format becomes easily accessible in Outlook.

Real-Time Scenario of NSF to PST Conversion

One of the most common scenarios when a user desires to convert NSF file in Outlook is in the absence of Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes when introduced was a huge success in the market. However, as time elapsed, eventually its popularity began to decrease. The main reason for this is the lack of certain features and complexity in the functioning of Lotus Notes. In addition, since users often look for emailing as the major feature in email clients, investing in Lotus Notes does no turn out to be a wise option.

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This is because Lotus Notes is equipped with features except for email. Due to this, only less percentage of computer users use Lotus Notes as their email client. In addition, those who used it earlier have switched to other email clients like Outlook. According to users perception, peoples attracts towards the free and economical solution and would like to try the tool before purchase it. So, users keep on searching for freeware to convert NSF to PST tool.

In such organizations, which have switched to Outlook from Notes, NSF to PST conversion is of utmost importance. This is because it is not possible to leave such a bulk amount of data in the old email client and start with fresh data. Therefore, users lookout for a solution that can transfer a large amount of data to Outlook in the least possible time. Although there is a manual method to facilitate the conversion, it is not efficient enough to export such a large amount of data in a short span of time.

Try a Freeware to Convert NSF to PST

To facilitate the conversion of NSF data to PST with attachments, you can deploy an efficient tool to convert NSF to PST. One such tool is SysTools Export Notes. It is a full-fledged tool that can be deployed for an efficient conversion process of NSF data to PST format. The tool does not impose any restrictions on the size of the file that is to be exported. In addition, the various export options enhance the conversion experience.

The application has been offered with a freeware trial edition of its own which is how you can easily test its capabilities before purchasing it to perform smoothly and accurately afterward. The program is an expert at migrating an unlimited number of NSF format files as its features support the respective function. In fact, you can even transfer a bulk amount of data regardless of the size of NSF file and the number of NSF files that you transfer via the tool as once bought the tool works till eternity.

The Technical Solution Exists with Export Notes

The technical solution to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook PST file exists, and it can be done by Export Notes Software. It is also available as a limited freeware version to migrate NSF file to PST. The software is accessorized with following features:

  1. Makes file Accessible over Multiple Platforms: It allow you to export NSF files and to convert it in PST form, so that it can be accessed by Microsoft Outlook clients.
  2. Multiple Options to choose from: It offers to choose among multiple available features like if you want to export mail files, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc., to PST file format.
  3. Incredible ‘Email Filters’ Feature: This feature allow you to export selected files providing following criteria:
    • Received on Interval: This feature allow you to export NSF files received at particular period of time. Suppose if you want to export previous year files from ‘1 March 2018’ to ‘28 February 2019’, you can simply choose this option and export your NSF files to PST format.
    • Exclude Folder(s): This option provides you with ease of excluding any folders that you wish to keep in NSF format.
    • Exclude Deleted Items: You can tick on this checkbox if you do not require exporting Deleted Items contents.
    • Exclude Sent Items: Likewise, if you wish to keep your Sent Items contents unchanged, you can tick on the checkbox provided with this option.

Freeware to Convert NSF to PST – Try it Now!

Your NSF data must hold an important position for you and hence is not a thing to be risked around with. Therefore, suggestion says that one must always try the free edition of software to convert NSF to PST while exporting Lotus Notes mail to Outlook. Our application offers you the freedom of migrating 25 items with the help of its convert lotus NSF to PST free trial edition. Once you are done with that Export Notes tool can be purchased for limitless data conversion without restrictions.