How to Export Outlook Contacts to AOL as CSV

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Contact is the most important part of any communication, especially in the case of phone calls and emails. Without contacts, sending emails would be impossible. Therefore, whenever people migrate from one email client to another, they always export their contacts to the new client. These days, many posts are seen in forums where people ask for help regarding this contact export. People are curious to know how to export Outlook contacts to AOL. In this post, we will answer their query by suggesting ways to import Outlook Address Book to AOL Mail. Before that, take a look at the reasons that might lead to the need for Outlook contact list transfer to AOL Mail.

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Reasons for Migrating Outlook Contacts to AOL Mail

There are multiple reasons why people need to export Outlook contacts to AOL. If you are switching from Outlook to AOL Mail, you want to export your contacts from Outlook to AOL. You may have both accounts and want to synchronize contacts of both clients. Apart from these, many other reasons are responsible for this migration. Now we will have a look at the techniques that can be used to transfer contacts from Outlook to AOL.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to AOL

If you want to export contacts to AOL from Outlook, you have two options in front of you. Now we will talk about both the methods here.

#1: Manual Method to transfer Outlook contacts as CSV

To export contacts from Microsoft Outlook email to AOL Mail, users have to go through two different stages. First, they have to import all Outlook contacts in CSV format, and then import that CSV file in AOL. Follow the instructional steps to manually export Outlook contacts to AOL.

A) Convert Outlook PST Contact into CSV File
1. Open Outlook and go to your default profile.
2. Click on File > Import and Export.
3. Select the option Export to a file from the list and click on Next.
4. You have to select Comma Separated Values at this stage.
5. Select the PST contact file you wish to export and click Next.
6. Now, select the resultant folder of the CSV file and click Finish.
Users have to export this CSV contact file into AOL Mail.

B) Import CSV File in AOL Mail
1. Enter the required credentials to open AOL Mail.

2. Click on Contacts and then click to More.

3. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Import.

4. Browse to the location of the Outlook CSV contact file and select the file.
5. Click Open and then select Import.

6. CSV contact file will easily get exported in AOL Mail.

Limitations of Manual Technique

The manual method to export Outlook contacts to AOL contains some disadvantages too. This process is a long one and today’s users do not have time for such lengthy processes. Moreover, there is always the chance of data loss while performing this method. Considering these reasons, many people search for a simple solution.

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#2: Simple Solution to Transfer Outlook Contacts to AOL

If you are worried about the length and other limitations of the manual technique, we have a simple solution for you. Using this short and easy solution, users can migrate Outlook contacts to AOL Mail in no time. SysTools vCard Export Tool is a simple solution to this problem.

Users do not have to go through the lengthy process to export Outlook contacts to AOL. This program can seamlessly migrate Outlook PST contacts into AOL Mail. The user interface of this program is so simple that anyone can run this to migrate Outlook address book. Here are some of the highlighted features of the software:

  1. Exports MS Outlook contacts to AOL Mail effortlessly
  2. Transfers contacts from default Outlook profile only
  3. Migrate to VCF, CSV, WAB, Gmail, & Yahoo, HTML, MSG, PDF, PST
  4. Allows previewing all contact attributes in the vCard format
  5. Automatically detects default profile of Outlook email
  6. Features quick scan option for faster contact migration

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From the above-discussed blog, now you know how to export Outlook contacts to AOL Mail. To help users successfully migrate Outlook address book to AOL email, two different methods of migration have been discussed. The manual method contains some limitations, which make it a difficult process to perform. You can use the cited application. Since the tool transfer Outlook contacts to AOL without any difficulty, it is called the simple solution to this problem.

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