How to Save Outlook Contacts to PDF – Step-by-Step Guide

Srishty | December 17th, 2018 | How to

“A few days ago, I was stuck in the situation in which I need to save Outlook contacts to PDF format. While I am searching for the same on Google, I have come across an informative blog which describes some manual steps to convert Outlook address book to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. But, that free solution is not working in an appropriate manner. So, please provide me with an effective way to do the same. Thanks.”

Why Users Save Outlook Contacts to PDF Format?

In this technological arena, Outlook playing an important role in every user’s life either professional or normal. Most of the users prefer Outlook because of its user-friendly interface. Apart from this, Microsoft also provides some high-security features to their Outlook users. But, still, some users are finding an appropriate solution to save contacts from Outlook to PDF for future purposes. PDF is the most secured file format as compared to other, once a user saves their Outlook contacts as PDF as the formatting get resolved. So, they can navigate, share, print and view their Outlook contacts any time and anywhere. Thus, today we are going to resolve the most commonly asked query such as how to save Outlook contacts to PDF. Thus, scroll thoroughly to the entire article to learn more.

An Eminent Solution to Transfer Outlook Email Addresses to PDF

As per the above-stated scenario, we have taken it into consideration and come up with an alternative to resolve the issue, such as how to save Outlook contacts to PDF format. This is a third party-application named PST Converter. This is an instant method to do the same. Mainly, this furnishes an understandable user interface. So, non-technical users can also execute the exporting procedure without any hassle. This tool is capable enough to export Outlook address book to PDF format within a few clicks. This PST Converter is programmed with advanced features. Some of them are listed below. Have a look:

  • Supports to convert corrupted & password protected file
  • This software preview Outlook Contacts and other items
  • Convert PST contacts file to PDF format without any hassle
  • Supports Windows & Mac Operating System simultaneously

How to Convert Outlook Contacts to PDF Effectively?

Step 1: Run PST Converter.
Step 2: Then, add PST file to save Outlook contacts to PDF format
Step 3: Preview all contacts which one you need to export
Step 4: Finally, click on Start to begin the conversion procedure

Descriptive Measures to Implement Conversion Procedure

  • First of all, download and launch the PST Converter application.

  • After that, add the PST file by selecting the Add File button.

  • As you choose the Add File option, a small wizard will appear, where you have to browse the PST file location from the desktop.

  • After adding the PST file, the application will show its location. If your PST file is highly corrupted, then you have to check the Advance Scan option. Then click on Add File to proceed forward.

  • The following screen will display while the file is being scanned. You can view details like the name of the file being scanned, its entire size in KB, and the date of file creation.

  • After completion of the scanning process, the utility software shows the following screen.

  • To export selected contacts, simply choose the contacts, right click on it, and opt Export to save the selected items.

  • Then, choose PDF radio button to export PST files into PDF format.

  • You can assign the following filters such as:
    Date filter: This option can be utilized to filter out the final files as per the date range.
    Naming Convention: This offers the naming of the final exported files such as by Subject+Date, From+Subject+Date, Autoincrement, and much more.

  • Here, hit on the Browse button to choose the final destination for the resulting PDF files.

  • After selecting the file to transfer, click on the Export button to start the processing.

  • Finally, hit on OK once the processing is done to view the export report.

  • The final export report will be shown as follows:

What If You Are A Mac User?

Do not worry, sit back and take a deep breath. Because we also have an effective solution for you. This application is called Mac PST Converter. Sometimes, Mac users get a PST file from any another person to save the PST contacts to PDF format. In this case, this tool helps in a proficient way because Mac Outlook does not support PST file. Basically, it generates OLM data file. This software allows saving Mac Outlook contacts to PDF format. It does not associate with any data loss issues. It implements the conversion procedure without losing and formatting a bit of data. Moreover, it is compatible with all advanced and below version of Mac Operating Systems.

Observational Verdict

Mainly, the article is a highlight on the steps to resolve how to save Outlook contacts to PDF format. PST converter is the standalone utility to do the same. The software is compatible with Windows as well as Mac Operating System effectively. So, with the help of this application, you can easily perform the conversion from Outlook address book to PDF.