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Export Email from Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail – Complete Solution

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While talking about converting emails from Mac Mail then it becomes a very common and easy procedure but what if a user needs to export email from Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail. There is also a very limited tool that can perform such procedures.

If you are reading this article that means you are a Mac user. The smooth interface and the slender design is there is anything about a user can complain. Yes! While talking about a windows Outlook then the users are allowed to send/receive emails over the MS Outlook application. But when you start using a Mac machine then the default email application is Mac mail. But the parting ways with a user-friendly interface application such as Outlook can be difficult, inconvenient.

Well, apart from all these things what about the emails that you have saved in your Mac Outlook? Are you just going to leave all your crucial data in your Outlook behind? No! So we will help you to move all your crucial emails from Outlook to Mac Mail.

User Query

So before moving further let’s have a look on frequently asked user query so that it becomes easy to understand the needs of a user:

“Hey, I am a Mac user and use Mac Outlook for many years. But from some time it becomes slow. To resolve this problem I uninstall my Mac Outlook and reinstall it, but the problem remains the same. So now I have decided to start using Mac Mail as my default email client. And I feel that it is simpler in comparison to Mac Outlook. Therefore I want to export emails from Outlook for Mac Mail.”

Reason to Export Email from Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail

There is no exact reason to migrate from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail. There are multiple reasons when users feel the need to of importing the Outlook OLM file into Mac Mail. Some of them are:

  • Mac Mail manages multiple OLM files into an interactive email client.
  • Re-occurrence of similar errors multiple times will be the reason for the migration.
  • Changing an organization will be the reason to move from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail.
  • Being very curious about the functionality of Mac mail.

Different Approaches to Export Emails from Outlook for Mac

Outlook and Mac Mail don’t preserve the data in the same file format. That’s why we need to do this conversion. So in this write-up, we are going to discuss two top-rated solutions that can be able to export email from Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail.

  • Manual Method
  • Automated Solution

So let’s get started!

Method 1: Manual Method  

  • To begin the process, open Outlook on your Mac Machine
  • Then, select the emails that you want to export from Outlook to Mac mail
  • Now you need to drag and drop the selected mailbox to the desktop interface. The emails are automatically saved in MBOX file format
  • Then repeat the above steps until all your emails are converted in MBOX file format
  • Preserve all the MBOX files in a folder
  • Close Outlook and open Mac Mail
  • Navigate the File menu and choose Mailboxes option
  • A new dialogue box will appear on the screen after click on the Mailboxes option. Choose MBOX format from the options and hit on the Continue button
  • Browse the folder that consists of all the MBOX files. Click on Choose to continue the process
  • Now you can preview all the MBOX files in a new window that appear on your screen. If you want to exclude any of the emails then just uncheck the checkbox of that email
  • At last, hit the Continue button to import OLM files into Mac Mail

Consequences of using Manual Method

  • It does not permit you to import OLM files in bulk in Apple Mail
  • This method is time-consuming and needs technical assistance.
  • One cannot migrate the orphan .olm file into Mac Mail.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Export Email from Outlook for Mac to Mac Mail

If a user is unable to complete their work using the Manual method and finds it lengthy and complex, then one can choose this automated solution. It is designed to convert Mac Outlook OLM file into Mac Mail supported file format within the few clicks. And also it exports .olm file into 9+ file formats. The following are some features that are provided by the tool:

  • Permits the user to export OLM file in bulk.
  • Allow the user to migrate selective data into any file format.
  • The tool generates a complete report of the whole process.
  • Authorize the user to export selected emails using the date filter option.
  • Easily convert the Outlook file into Mac Mail.
  • Additionally provides an option to split a large file into smaller ones.
  • Widely supported by all the latest versions of Mac OS.

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Working of the Tool

  • Download and install SysTools Mac OLM Converter

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  • Click on Add File(s)/Add Folder(s) option to upload the file in the tool
Add file folder
  • Choose MBOX file format from Select Export type
MBOX file format
  • Browse the destination location for your resultant file
Destination folder
  • Hit the Export button to begin the process
MBOX export

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As we know that to export email from Outlook for Mac to Mac mail is a very long procedure, but if you want to do this in urgent then we advise you to choose the automated solution as the automated solution is simple to use and you can also backup Outlook For Mac 2016. It provides a 100% conversion rate without changing the original structure of the file and folder. And also it does not require any technical assistance to execute the whole process. So it becomes easy for both technical and non-technical users to complete the task.