Best Solution for “Cannot Print PDF Because of Security”

Isha Ratra | May 18th, 2018 | How to

Are you searching for a solution to remove print protection from PDF? Do not know how to take a print of secured PDF file efficiently? Having a problem while dealing with the native manual approach? Here, we provide top 2 approaches in order to help those users who cannot print PDF because of security.

As everyone knows, PDF is a portable document format used to save an electronic document that includes images, watermark, and so on. The added advantage of PDF file is, it remains same after the file migration between the two systems. That’s why most of the users prefer PDF format over the other. Moreover, it provides some advanced features for the document security. One of the features is Secure PDFs, there are of two types i.e. User-locked and Owner-locked. In a user-locked PDF file, there is a requirement of a password to read the content of a file. On the other hand, in the owner-locked PDF document, a password is required to print, copy, and edit the PDF file. But, sometimes, users forget the password of the secured PDF file and wants a print of it. Although a user is unable to print PDF because of security restrictions, this issue annoys the user most. So, after considering this situation, in this article, we will provide all the appropriate approaches which help those users who cannot print PDF because of security. Before that, considering a real-life scenario, to describe this situation deeply.

Why Users Want to Remove Print Protection from PDF File

“My friend shared a PDF file to me and I need a print of it for my studies. But, when I started to take a print of the document, it restricts me. Then, I realize that the document is protected due to which I cannot print PDF because of security. However, the major problem is that this file also not allowing me to copy content from it. So, I want to know that, Is there any method to remove print security from PDF files. If any of the tech-blogger knows the solution to unlock PDF security, then kindly let me know”.

remove print protection from PDF

Resolve – Cannot Print PDF Because of Security

This method requires a full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to remove print protection from PDF files. Initially, check the properties of documents by using a desktop. To do this, right-click on PDF document and go to Properties. Select the Security and then click on Printing option. Now, check the status of Printing, if its display “Allowed” then there should be no problem in a printing of PDF file. Although, if printing status shows “Not Allowed” then there is a requirement to modify the document security setting to make PDF document printable. To change the PDF security settings to remove print protection from PDF, follow the below steps:

1. Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro, select File option and open the PDF file.

2. Click on lock icon present at the left side of the application window panel.

3. Then, click on “Show security setting for this document”. Here, four different options are available:

No Security

Change Security

Certificate Security

Adobe Policy Server

4. Click on No Security option to remove print security from PDF document. Once you have clicked on the option, it will be asked to enter a password.

5. After that, provide a password in the dialog box. A confirmation message will appear on the screen, click on OK.

6. At last, save the unsecured PDF file at the desired location locally.

Professional Approach to Remove Print Protection from PDF File

From the above method, it is evident that there is a requirement of the full version of the software to remove print security from PDF file. But, this approach is not suitable for normal Adobe users. So, it is better to opt a software that can remove print protection from PDF files without any hassle. So, this blog suggested SysTools PDF Security Remover to all those users who cannot print PDF because of security. Basically, this tool is designed to unlock all types of security from the document, including owner level protection. Apart from this, it has several added advantages and all are mentioned below:

1- Eliminate all types of restrictions like printing/copying/editing/extracting data

2- Easily remove PDF comment protection and document assembly restrictions

3- Allows users to enable form filling in PDF files

4- Remove document assembly and signing restriction from PDF

5- It can easily decrypt the 128/256 bit encrypted (PDF) portable document format file

6- Business or Enterprise version remove restrictions from multiple PDF files

7- The software is compatible with the Windows 10 and all its earlier versions

Time to Conclude

PDF is the best reliable file format that keeps the text formatting before and after file transfer. Also, it has no dependency on hardware, application software, and Operating system. Though, in some situations, users cannot print PDF because of security measures that are applied by the owner. Hence, this blog suggested to choose PDF Security Remover to remove restrictions from PDF document without any data loss.