Top 3 Proven Outlook Duplicate Remover Tools- Know the Best Tool Here!

This blog contains the list of top 3 Outlook duplicate email remover tool. These software applications allow the users to smoothly remove the duplicate data items from an Outlook application within simple steps. Also, know the pros and cons of each Outlook duplicate remover tool, which is described in this article.

Are you getting frustrated after seeing duplicate email items in your Outlook profile? Do you want to remove them immediately? Then, relax as soon as we are going to introduce the best-automated solutions for removing duplicate emails in Outlook within a few clicks away.

Though Outlook is one of the worldly accepted email application, Outlook users have to face different challenges. This can be the generation of duplicate emails which will definitely pose a severe problem for the Outlook users. Now, the existence of this redundant data items is simply going to increase the disk space of the Outlook PST file without any purpose.

When the duplicate data items get loaded in the Outlook application, this is going to make the situation worse, as there is a fear of exceeding the storage limitation of the PST file. Suppose if the Outlook user is using ANSI PST which is the old version of MS Outlook, then it is important to keep a watch on a regular basis on the size of the PST file.

Well, the situation more worsens when Outlook starts misbehaving like taking more time to launch, suddenly get hanged or stuck, poor performance, etc. Now, this duplicate data items consumes the same space of the source data items. Therefore, is it important to prevent Outlook from getting into serious technical issues because of this data redundancy issue?

Generally, majority of the users are quite confused while choosing the professional tool for deleting duplicate emails in Outlook. This is because it is pretty difficult to explore its features one by one along with its advantages and disadvantages. In order to make the process simple, we have shortlisted 3 best Outlook duplicate remover tool so that it becomes easy for the user to select the tool wisely. So read on and explore the tools to the fullest!

Top 3 Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Utility- Choose the Right Tool Here!

1. PCVITA Outlook Duplicate Items Remover (ODIR)

The very first position goes to PCVITA Outlook Duplicate Remover tool. It is a one-stop utility comprising of endless features, which ultimately makes a swift process to the end users. This tool is the heart of many Outlook users when it comes to removes data redundancy from an Outlook account. It not only removes duplicates from emails but also from other data items like contacts, calendar, tasks, journals and notes in a sophisticated way.

What are the Striking Pros of this Duplicate Email Remover for Outlook tool?

  • It is efficient enough to clear the duplicate data items within and across the folders
  • Outlook duplicate remover is a safe tool to remove duplicate emails from multiple PST files in bulk
  • Displays a preview of Outlook PST data items, once the file is added
  • It does not pose any Outlook PST file size limitation. Additionally, it can support both ANSI and Unicode PST file types
  • Once the PST file is loaded to eliminate duplicate data items, it shows a list of PST attributes like File Name, File Location, Status, Item Name, etc
  • Creates a final report stating all the unique and duplicate PST data items
  • This tool gets easily compatible on Outlook 2016 and all the earlier versions

The aforesaid features are some of the cunning features of this futuristic Outlook duplicate email remover tool. Furthermore, it can support the latest Windows 10 of both 32-bit and 64-bit. After the PST file is uploaded to remove duplicate mailbox items, meanwhile it will show the current status of the file. Once the duplicates are removed from the Outlook PST, the status then changes to complete.

Are there any Cons in this Software?

There is only one negative point in this software, as it cannot support the Mac operating system. At present, it is only made for Windows platform.

2. Office-Addins Outlook Duplicate Remover

The second position holds Office-Addins duplicate email remover for Outlook software. This is another utility, which helps removing duplicate emails in Outlook or unnecessary files from the data items quickly. Overall, the success rate of the software is just 70% and hence it takes the second place in terms of deleting duplicate emails in Outlook.

What are the Pros in this Utility?

  • One can prioritize folders based on which, either you can delete, mark, copy or move the duplicate emails to another folder in Outlook profile
  • Allows to search different Outlook folders at a time
  • Allows to remove duplicates in public folders of the Exchange server

What are the Cons in the Software?

  • It does not provide a preview of the Outlook data items to remove data redundancy
  • It fails to provide a report with the list of distinct and duplicate Outlook data items, which henceforth makes complex for the user for data comparison
  • It is not capable to remove duplicate files from multiple PST files in batch
  • It does show PST file attributes like status, item name, number of duplicate items found, etc
  • It is not compatible with Mac operating system

3. Vaita Outlook Duplicate Remover

This name is quite uncommon among users, but it takes the third place while dealing with the removal of duplicate data items from an Outlook PST file.

What are the Advantages associated with this tool?

  • It enables to remove duplicates from different mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes
  • It recognizes a duplicate item when all the associated properties are completely matched with the original file

What are the Cons with regards to this utility?

  • The overall interface of this best Outlook duplicate remover is quite tough, which means the users complex to work with this tool
  • It is not that effective as it does not eliminate duplicate files in bulk when there are multiple PST files
  • It is not compatible with Windows 8 OS and the recent versions
  • It cannot support Mac operating system
  • It can support only a limited set of Outlook versions, as it fails to support the latest Outlook versions

Final Verdict

Often times, users raise there voice and moreover gets panic when there are duplicate data items in an Outlook profile. In order to curb this issue instantly, we have described top 3 Outlook Duplicate Email Remover in this blog. However considering the overall aspects of the aforesaid tools with respect to its efficiency, reliability, potentiality, and price, we can conclude that this best PCVITA Outlook Duplicate Remover is a cost-effective tool. This is only because it offers an outstanding feature that is completely unique from others with an easy-to-use interface.